Can you say gully washer? Or, frog choker? People attending the May coin show enjoyed rain
and thunderstorms throughout the day - at times, very heavy rain, too.

One dealer driving down from the north Georgia mountains in the early morning decided the
rain was so heavy and the road so difficult to see that he'd rather return home.

Another dealer called to ask if the weather was going to cancel the coin show. No, we do not
cancel coin shows due to the weather. On occasion, weather prevents people getting to the
show, but we do not cancel.

Only once in 25 years we couldn't get to the show because of heavy ice. The good news is the
weather is nice most of the time in our area (if we don't consider heat and humidity).

On this rainy May Sunday morning, coin dealers filled the coin show's bourse with their
displays of coins, currency and other collectibles - mostly numismatic collectibles.

Here's a welcome-and-we're-glad-you-came to a visiting dealer from Jacksonville on his way
home from the Gallatin, Tennessee coin show. He set up in lieu of the gentleman with the
dangerous driving conditions.
Well, the wedding party did move indoors, but the coin show was held in its normal rooms of I and II. People visiting the
show observed the wedding party and their guests dressed in their finery roaming the lobby area in the afternoon.

In a jocular mood, one of our dealers yelled, "Don't do it!" Someone laughingly replied, "It's already done."

Many of the visitors to the coin show this month once again looked for bullion silver and gold. But, with the drop,
significant drop, in the metal prices, both silver and gold supplies were limited. (Visit our Gold Charts and Silver Charts 
pages to see the metals' performance and also see the "something is wrong somewhere" commentary.)

Interestingly, a two-coin set was popular at this month's coin show. Popular is a relative term. In this case, a couple of
people brought their sets to sell to one of the dealers while other individuals came to the show looking for this specific

The two-coin set's mintages are not listed in the Red Book and not readily available on the US Mint web site. But, just
based on the lack of sets bought and sold among the dealers, the set is somewhat rare.

OK, what set are we talking about? It's the Kennedy Collector's Set with an uncirculated Robert F. Kennedy silver
commemorative dollar and a matte proof John F. Kennedy silver half dollar coin.
In other words, we had a full house of dealers for the many people
who came to the show despite the rainy weather. And, most of the
time, the weather was just rain not heavy storms for which we are

As always, we very much appreciate and send a thank you to all the
people who visit the coin show and make it fun and entertaining for

This month, hotel personnel told us the coin show would to be in the
right portion of the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom in rooms II, III and IV.
This was necessary due to a wedding party that needed to move
indoors for the weather.
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from May 2013

This two-coin set is not cheap and certainly not the most expensive set, but the Kennedy family portraits still provide
collectible interest in numismatic circles.

It's just fun and interesting that several changed hands during the May coin show.

Of course, the coin show provided a wide variety of interests in both coins and currency this month. Our visiting
Jacksonville dealer displayed a broad collection of currency, which is his specialty. Our regular dealers showed off their
variety from the ancients to the colonial to the modern era coins along with jewelry and other collectibles.

Next month's coin show should be just as interesting as the metals markets continue their odd something-is-wrong-
somewhere behavior and the dealers continue to display their wide numismatic interests.

Mark your calendar and make plans to visit the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, June 9, 2013 to buy, sell
and browse the wide variety of numismatic and collectible items.
Kennedy Collector's Set outer boxes
Kennedy Collector's Set showing the contents of the full set
The set includes a burgundy US Mint box held inside a
slip sleeve with Kennedy Collector's Set on the front.
The inner box holds a velvet covered clam shell with a
metallic heraldic eagle emblem in the lower right corner.
The front of the Certificate of Authenticity lists the two coins in the set.
Kennedy Collector's Set Certificate of Authenticity
Kennedy Collector's Set obverse view of coins
Buy Silver - Golden Eagle Coins
Buy Gold - Golden Eagle Coins
Inside the clam shell, the
obverse of the two coins shows
the Robert F. Kennedy portrait
on the uncirculated silver
commemorative dollar and the
portrait of John F. Kennedy on
the matte proof silver half dollar.
Kennedy Collector's Set reverse images of coins
Turning the protected coins over, the
reverse images show different versions of

Frank Gasparro designed the reverse of
the John F. Kennedy half dollar, which
shows the presidential coat of arms with
its heraldic eagle.

For the Robert F. Kennedy reverse,
Thomas D. Rogers included the Seal of
the Department of Justice and the Seal of
the United States Senate to honor and
remember Robert F. Kennedy's service in