These articles focus on safety of you and your valuables, in
particular, coins.

The first two articles focus on how you can be safer with your web
experience of buying or selling coins on the internet. The internet
offers a wealth of information and opportunity, but monetary
transactions should be approached with caution.

These articles do not identify all of the challenges, but the intention
is to alert you to potential issues and help you become more
aware of the dangers on the internet.

Next, there is a series of articles discussing how to visit a coin
show with you and your valuables' safety in mind. Again, they
focus on the main points that you should remember to increase
your safety.
These articles are not meant to make you paranoid; however in tough times, it pays to be cautious and to be alert for
potential unsafe actions, places and people.

We prefer our show attendees - dealers and public - to enjoy their experience and to be safe and unharmed.
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Informational Articles
How to Buy Coins on the Internet

Should you? What are some of the issues surrounding buying coins
on the internet and what should you do to avoid them? Click here=>
Buying Coins on the Internet for more information.

How to Sell Coins on the Internet

What are the challenges of selling coins on the internet? There are
related but different issues to buying on the internet. Click here=>
Selling Coins on the Internet for more information.
How to Visit Coin Shows Safely

Are you the trusting sort? Or, do you think that criminals will never
target you?

Unfortunately, there are criminals who are just criminals, and there
are those people who, in desperation, turn to crime.

Coin shows and their attendees can be targets for either of these
types of criminals.

Here are some basic security tips for when you plan to visit a coin
show. Following a few simple rules, you can increase your safety
before, during and after the coin show.

Before you ever leave home, you can prepare for visiting the coin
show and improve your overall safety. Click here=> Security Tips
Before You Visit a Coin Show for 11 Coin Show Security Tips.

Next, when you arrive at the coin show's location, but you are not yet
on the bourse, you can select safer parking areas and be alert as
you walk to the bourse. Click here=> Security Tips Arriving at the
Coin Show for 14 Coin Show Security Tips.

The coin show's bourse floor is safer, but a busy show is still not
100% safe. For 10 Coin Show Security Tips while at the coin show,
click here=> Security Tips While at a Coin Show.

Be aware as you leave a coin show. You can be the most vulnerable
to criminals as you depart especially if you are carrying valuable
purchases. Click here=> Security Tips Leaving a Coin Show for 15
Coin Show Security Tips.