Major coin shows provide security for their dealers and for the guests
visiting the show. Many times, show security will be off-duty or retired
law enforcement.

Rest assured, an experienced law enforcement officer is one of the
most observant people and knows many of the criminals’ tricks. But,
even great observers cannot keep watch on every person or activity at a

Plus, you cannot look at a person and know immediately they have
criminal intent. Criminals will walk the bourse floor, will talk
knowledgeably about numismatics and maybe make a purchase or two
while observing the attendees and opportunities. Some of them are
great with sleight of hand and picking pockets or purses.

1. Keep your coins secured at all time whether you are selling or have
just purchased them

2. Don’t lay your treasures on a dealer’s table where someone could
easily pick them up while you are focused on a discussion with the

3. Be careful of tight groups of people or several people in an aisle -
there could be there as a ploy to catch you off guard and to steal your

4. Work with dealers one-on-one, be wary of strangers who want to join
in your discussion; no need to be rude, but be aware that they could
have ulterior motives
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Coin Show Security Tips - On the Bourse

5. Place valuables on your lap, or if necessary, on the floor tightly held
between your feet - at least touching such that you can feel if someone
tries to pull them away from you

6. Don’t ask someone you don’t know - or don’t know well enough to
trust - to hold your valuables for you while you go to the restroom, the
ATM, get food or another activity

7. Ask show security or the bourse chairman what you can do with your
valuables if you have large items, are by yourself and need to exit the
floor for an important reason

8. Be careful if you go off the bourse floor with your valuables - don’t lay
your items where they can be easily picked up - for example, sink area
in the restroom, empty chair in a lounge area or restaurant
9. Be alert, eyes and ears, to your surroundings and the actions of
the people nearby while you are talking with dealers or fellow
numismatics about your shared passion - coins

10. Don’t become fixated on a coin, a collection or a discussion
topic to the exclusion of all else; criminals recognize when people
are not keeping track of their valuables

You are safest with your valuables on the bourse floor, yet not
100% safe. With numismatics, it is wiser to be overly cautious
rather than to be too trusting. Remember the saying, “Just because
you are paranoid, it does not mean they are not out to get you.”
Use these coin show security tips to: Be prepared. Be alert. Be aware. Above all, be safe.

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