Relating to the coin show, we've included nearby local, state and
national coin clubs' information along with a few numismatic and metals
markets web resources.
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Coin Clubs

Join coin clubs and attend their meetings to share and gain
knowledge of numismatics and related collectibles.

Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta

From their web site:  We are collectors of coins, paper money, tokens, and medals. We
are always looking for young beginning collectors and anyone wanting to learn more about
the hobby and have fun doing it.

Every meeting features educational programs, coin auctions, refreshments, and fellowship
with other collectors. Also, the club offers a young numismatists program, free advice on
coin grading and authenticity, as well as an award-winning newsletter.

Click on the emblem at the left or Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta to visit their web site.

Marietta-Smyrna Coin Club

The Marietta/Smyrna Coin Club meets once a month at the Smyrna
Community Center from 6:30 to 10:00 pm. The Smyrna Community Center is
located at 200 Village Green Circle just to the left of northbound Atlanta Road
in the heart of Smyrna.
For their meeting schedule and their contact information, click on the image to
the left or 2016 Marietta-Smyrna coin club flyer to open a pdf to view or print
their details.

Rockdale Coin Club of Conyers, GA

From the Rockdale Coin Club's web site, the purpose of the club shall be:
A.To encourage and promote the science of numismatics through
discussion, investigation and study of coins, currency, tokens, medals
and financial systems of the world.
B.To encourage and assist new collectors.
C.To foster the interest of youth in the subject.
D.To acquire and disperse numismatic knowledge in the form of books
and other publications.
E.To cultivate fraternal relations among its members and to demonstrate
the fact that numismatics is an educational, serious and interesting

Georgia Numismatic Association

The Georgia Numismatic Association's mission:
1. Advance the science, education, and history of numismatics through the study
of coins, paper money, medals, tokens, and other items related to the field of
2. Promote numismatic knowledge through the use of educational programs,
coin rallies, scholarships, and other suitable methods
3. Cultivate an atmosphere of numismatic fellowship among collectors and clubs
at the local level 
4. Encourage members attitudes which attract young people to the hobby
5. Advise each member and club of future numismatic activities throughout
6. Actively promote the organization of new clubs and strengthen existing clubs
7. Sponsor one or more annual coin shows for members

Augusta Coin Club

From the Augusta Coin Club's web site:
"We are a not-for-profit numismatic club located in scenic Augusta, Georgia, dedicated to disseminating
knowledge about coin and currency collecting, the history of coins, and related topics.

"ACC also promotes fellowship among the club members, and sponsors regional coin shows, dinners and events
where dealers and the public can buy, sell and trade coins, bills, tokens, and related numismatic items. We
strongly encourage and support the participation of children, or Young Numismatists, in all our activities.

"ACC has a deep-rooted tradition of serving our community and donating funds, books and other items to
libraries and charitable organizations. We look forward to taking on new members to help our organization grow."

South Carolina Numismatic Association

The South Carolina Numismatic Association's Mission Statement:

"The South Carolina Numismatic Association is dedicated to the promotion and the advancement of the
knowledge of numismatics; to assist in bringing about better cooperation between all persons interested in the
science; to promote greater popular interest in the field of numismatics in the state covered by such an
organization of coin collectors and interested parties through closer relations with one another, and to promote
friendly feeling for one another through social activities and the interchange of ideas and discussions of mutual

Blue Ridge Numismatic Association

The Blue Ridge Numismatic Association provides some background:

In 1960, a few people gathered to organize a new regional coin club which
became the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association. Like most numismatic
organizations, the newly formed organization progressed through good times
and tough times. However, the BRNA always had a goal of looking forward and
working toward the future in numismatics.

During the early years the show traveled to different locations to benefit the
growing number of numismatists in the area. The locations were cities such as
Greenville and Spartanburg, SC; Charlotte, NC; Chattanooga, TN and Dalton,
GA with the show dates scheduled around the ANA World's Fair of Money in
August. Eventually, the BRNA Show became "THE ORIGINAL AND LARGEST
COIN SHOW' to be held in Dalton, Georgia.

Tennessee State Numismatic Society

The Tennessee State Numismatic Society's objectives:

The objectives of this organization are to promote, extend
and protect numismatic activity throughout the state, and to
foster and encourage the study of numismatics in all its
forms and branches; to assist in bringing about better
cooperation between all persons interested in numismatics
in the state.

American Numismatic Association

The American Numismatic Association's mission:

The American Numismatic Association is a nonprofit educational
organization dedicated to educating and encouraging people to
study and collect money and related items. With nearly 33,000
members, the Association serves the academic community,
collectors and the general public with an interest in numismatics.

The ANA helps all people discover and explore the world of
money through its vast array of programs including its education
and outreach, museum, library, publications, conventions and

Coin Magazines

Numismatic publishers deliver information to your mail box and provide a wealth of
coin collecting information on their web sites as well: offers a variety of helpful online resources for numismatists in
addition to their print magazines and books.

Sometimes it can be fun to meet with people who share your interests in
numismatics - collecting and investing. Or, perhaps meetings are not feasible, but
you want to take advantage of the shared knowledge of like-minded people.

Metals Markets

Take at look at the variety of Kitco charts. They maintain up to the minute
charts for the various metals. In addition, they provide historical
Live Charts Link
Historical Charts Link
You can also visit the Kitco main page for a variety of information
including current articles about the various metals and their values
in the marketplace.

Another Kitco site shows other commodity metals, those used in
coins and those important to other manufacturing: KitcoMetals. You
can find current metal prices for copper, zinc and nickel and
articles about the mining and development of these metals.
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Buy Gold - Golden Eagle Coins

Roswell Coin Club

Roswell Coin Club est. 2016
This is a relatively new coin club, just established last year.

Click on the icon at the left or Roswell Coin Club to find who and how to contact the club.

Yes, that's an extra step, however putting the details on the page would allow easy
access to the spammers.

We wish the club success in building their attendance and furthering people's interest in
the study of coins and other types of money.