Collectors and show attendees can be most vulnerable arriving or leaving
a show. Some people will loiter outside the show’s location with criminal

Remember these coin show security tips to insure you are careful when
you arrive at the show’s venue, and you can minimize being a criminal’s

You carefully prepared before leaving home. Now, take precautions when
you arrive:

1. Park near the entrance or near heavily trafficked areas

2. Do not park near a structure where people can hide from view when you
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Coin Show Security Tips - When You Arrive at the Venue

3. Park in a well lit area

4. Keep your doors locked until you are ready to exit your vehicle, then only
unlock the necessary doors

5. Look around before you exit your car to be aware of your surroundings
and minimize any surprises upon leaving your vehicle

6. Do not leave valuables in your car, even in the trunk which can be easily

7. Do not loiter outside your vehicle - lock your vehicle quickly and move
toward the show

8. Keep your keys in your hand for access to your car’s alarm system while
in the parking area

9. Make sure you remember where you parked; use stationary landmarks,
not other vehicles, to remember where you parked (your phone’s camera
can record your parking area if in a large lot)

10. Be constantly aware of your surroundings with your head up looking
around you frequently for suspicious activity

11. Walk briskly and with purpose to the show’s venue

12. Hold any valuables close to you and securely in your grasp
13. Keep your valuables in view at all times - if you have bulk items
and are using a rolling cart, push the cart in front of you , when
possible - if you have to pull the cart, make sure you frequently look
back to verify your valuables are safe

14. Ask for assistance from the bourse chairman or show security if
you need help securely transporting your valuables from your vehicle
to the show

MOST IMPORTANT, if you take all the safety precautions and are
still accosted by criminals, give them your valuables. Things can be
replaced, and injury, or worse - death, is too high of a price to pay.
Use these coin show security tips to: Be prepared. Be alert. Be aware. Above all, be safe.

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