Coin collecting and coin values have fascinating

Not surprisingly, supply and demand play a big role - how many
are available and what are people interested in collecting.

But, have you been watching the prices of gold, silver and

They, too, impact coin collecting making some coins viable for
melting and making the prices (and value) of other coins

Visit the show to identify how the metals market is impacting
the value of your favorite collections.
Amazing - what a dramatic difference from the ice and cold during the January show. The
sun was shining, the sky was a clear blue and the temperature was in the 60s. A gorgeous

Very early Sunday morning, Bob arrived at the hotel to make sure the space was ready for
the show. Jim came early to provide security as dealers arrived.

Of course, a few dealers were early risers as well and the remaining dealers got there with
plenty of time to open at 9:00.

The show's dealers have broad interests and displayed coins, currency, supplies and
jewelry. The dealers buy, sell and trade with each other, but they were ready for the
collectors who also came to buy, sell and trade.

Plus, people browsed for the new and interesting selections the dealers brought for their
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