At the June show, the dealers who brought gold sold out. Perhaps that is indicative of what people think of the market.
But, as always suggested, perform your own due diligence research and make your own gold and silver investment

Mark your calendars, and visit the next coin show on July 12.

Another coin show and southern welcome goes to a couple of new
dealers who joined us in June, one a coin dealer from Alabama and
the other an estate jewelry dealer from Georgia. We hope you had a
successful show and will join us again.

Have you been watching the economic news? Or, have you been
watching what the economic news is doing to the gold, silver and
platinum markets?

These are definitely interesting times. Some speculate that gold and
silver will skyrocket soon. On the other hand, who knows if and when?
Wow! What a show! The June coin show was elbow to elbow during the morning hours.
What a great show for both the dealers and the guests.

The day was nice, warm but not unbearably hot, overcast but not raining. We appreciate all
of you who decided it was the type of day to visit a show.

Many dealers had better success than other recent shows. They commented that their one
day at the Greater Atlanta Coin Show was better than the multiple days they set up at other
shows. We hope you, our guests, also had a good show experience.

A coin show and southern welcome goes to the gentleman from Illinois who was in Atlanta
on a business trip. Several people implored him to participate in the next Lincoln cent
event to be held in Illinois.

The next release, projected to be August 13, delivers the third penny for Lincoln's
Professional Life in Illinois. Whether our Illinois numismatist chose to accept their requests
or not, we hope he enjoyed his visit to the coin show.
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