As in recent months, people continue to deal in gold and silver. Some people come to buy whereas others bring their gold, silver and other precious metals (e.g., platinum) to sell or trade. They may want to cash out or they may want to trade up. Some people's interests change, and they want to enjoy owning a different collectible for awhile.

As for dealers, have you ever noticed? They prefer to tell you what they've bought rather than what they've sold. Numismatics may be their business; however they're just collectors at heart. And for some, the treasure hunting - and finding - is the most fun of all.

This month guests offered dealers some nice gold coins. A few of the coins included a certified MS65 $3 gold piece, two MS66 graded St. Gaudens, a $10 Indian graded MS65 and a $10 Liberty graded MS65. Of course, many other coins and opportunities traded ownership to mutual benefit as well.

Whether an experienced collector, informed investor or someone new to the skill of numismatics, you are invited and welcome to join the fun at the Greater Atlanta Coin Show.

We hope to see you at our next show on February 14, 2010

As for the bourse, once again, we saw many new faces at the show. We welcome you, and we're glad you came. From the webmaster, here's a thank you and welcome to the gentleman who has been reading the show notes for a year and who visited the show for the first time this weekend.

Many of you enjoy variety in your collections. Being on the same Sunday, the coin show and the North Atlanta Sports Collectibles show benefited from cross traffic to each show. Though serendipitous, we hope you have fun browsing the diversity of collectibles found among the dealers at both shows.

The bourse layout allows for the dealers' tables along with aisles wide enough for the guests to move easily throughout the show. Many guests visit the show not only to see the dealers and what they offer each month, but they also find it worthwhile to socialize with other guests in the middle of the wider aisles. Some are old friends, some are new friends, but all are enjoying their like-minded interests.
The new year of monthly shows started with a packed bourse, "packed" I tell you. Dealers and guests filled the ballroom with wall-to-wall fun of buying, selling and trading coins, currencies and precious metals.

The rainy and 48° weather did not deter people from the show. Many people commented, "It's good the show wasn't last weekend." Bob says, "If I had a nickel for every time someone said that, I would have a lot of money."

So, yes, we are thankful the show wasn't last weekend when it was icy cold, and we're thankful the weather warmed before the show this weekend. Coin shows and icy conditions in the south just don't mix well.

Though not really warm, the morning temperature didn't stop the musician from playing his trumpet on the bus parked in back of the hotel. The dealers enjoyed his efforts when they arrived and during setup. Hopefully, people staying in the hotel appreciated his performance and didn't mind the early morning wake-up serenade.
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