The June 10, 2012 coin show started with heavy rain - not quite a frog choker or gully washer
but a hard rain nevertheless. That heavy rain kept people away in the early hours.

Normally, rainy days are good for coin shows. As the rain lightened, that proved true again.
The June coin show enjoyed good traffic from early midday on into the afternoon.

This month, the coin show shared the conference area with police and LoJack
representatives. Later, we learned this was the beginning of an auto-theft conference for
police and insurance investigators.

The Marietta Police Department hosted the conference during the following week and
included a demonstration with a helicopter from the Fayette County Sheriff's Department
equipped with LoJack tracking gear.

For you collectors who also enjoy and own classic cars, the LoJack representatives say theft
of older cars is on the rise. Thieves steal the classics, dismantle them and sell the parts and
scrap metal.
Now, back to the coin show.

Several of our dealers spent time at other coin shows before
coming to the Sunday show. Some went to the Memphis Paper
Money show while others went to the Charlotte Coin Show. They left
those shows to make it back to the Greater Atlanta Coin Show.

For a somewhat different view of the coins this month, let's take a
quick turn around the bourse at what the dealers had on display.

Of course, this list barely scratches the surface and does not do
justice to the variety of coins and collectibles the coin dealers bring
each month.
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from June 2012

The coin show also saw visitors bringing gold, silver and coins
to learn their value and to decide if they wanted to sell. People
can obtain competitive value estimates from the various coin
dealers. Each coin dealer provides their best estimate of value
given the current market conditions.

Afterwards, people can compare the different estimates and
choose to sell to their preferred dealer. Or in some cases, they
choose to keep the valuables and to wait for the market to
increase again.

Just before the coin show, the US Mint opened the ordering
process for the new 2012 proof Silver Eagle two-coin set. The
set will include a regular proof coin and a reverse proof coin.

This release created some buzz on the coin show's bourse.
People - visitors and coin dealers alike - debated whether the
2012 proof silver eagle coins will increase dramatically in value.
There continues to be skepticism about this collectible set and
viewpoints on both sides.

On a different note, remember the May show had a medical
emergency. Jim checked on the gentleman. The good news is
he is feeling better and hopes to attend the July coin show. We
look forward to his return.

We are counting up to the end of the year milestone of monthly
coin show number 300. The June coin show completed the half
year mark of our 25th year and was the 294th monthly Greater
Atlanta Coin Show.
Think about your numismatic visions and dreams and plan to attend the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, July
8, 2012.
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