That became a boon to numismatists. Now, an 09-SVDB is one of the key coins in a Lincoln cent collection. And, one in
a very nice condition as seen at the show on Sunday is both rare and coveted by collectors.

Have you been watching the gold prices lately? Record highs occur almost daily. Per Kitco, the highest NY Close was
October 13 at $1064 per ounce.

Now, 20 years ago, the high was $420 for the year. But, what about inflation? Today's $1064 would be roughly $614 in
1989 dollars. Between the $420 in 1989 and the $1064 in 2009, an ounce of gold increased 46% - adjusting for
inflation. And, it continues to climb.

Can gold prices be predicted? Not really. One can look at historical data, events at that time to gain insights, but many
variables impact the markets - silver, gold, stocks, etc.

Interesting times...and these times invoke feelings of insecurity.

Security doesn't exist even in the best of times and risks must be taken to live. The best you can do is lessen any
dangers by your efforts and by your improvements.

Continue your education and efforts toward your collecting and investing in coins and bullion. We hope to see you at our
next show on Sunday, November 15, 2009.

Of course, plenty of true numismatists visited the show as well.

For their pleasure, one dealer had very nice 09-S and 09-SVDB
coins on display and for sale. These has original color and were in
uncirculated condition.

Of course, the 09-S and 09-SVDB coins are 1909 cents, the debut
year for the Lincoln penny. The initial release of the coin had the
creator's initials (VDB for Victor David Brenner) on the back of the

People were pleased with the new Lincoln cent but not pleased with
the initials. The mint released another version without the VDB
Jam packed! Elbow to elbow with lots of new faces in the crowd.

Welcome to all the new people and thank you for visiting. And, a big thank you to all the
returning folks as well.

The day was nice during the show - mild temperatures and no pouring rain.

With the droughts over the last few years, we don't want to complain about the rain. On the
other hand, with the heavy rains and the recent flooding, most of our dealers were either
directly impacted by the high waters or know someone who was. Some had homes
flooded, others had businesses flooded.

Lots of water, and on Sunday night, the rain poured again. The ground is just saturated.

But, back to the show...

A lot of the new people visiting the show were also new to buying coins. Some specifically
hunted for silver and gold coins - investment grade for putting away in safety deposit
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