On the other hand, our bullion dealers were busy looking at the precious metals people brought to sell, either coins or jewelry. And, based on how the precious metals fell during the following week, people made a good decision to sell at the coin show.

On a different note, some of the coin dealers still provide the US Mint's 5-ounce America the Beautiful silver rounds in their cases. To put it bluntly, people have lost interest in those large silver rounds known somewhat affectionately as "hockey pucks."

At the show, our supplies vendor, Kyle Vick from Stanton Books, brought the newest version of the Cherrypickers' Guide:

This month, people brought the Silver American Eagle 25th Anniversary sets for sale, but this time, many of the 5-set boxes were opened and each 5-coin set was on display and for sale separately. Though, we did have one dealer offer a package deal of three sealed 5-set boxes - a total of 15 sets.

Whether individual sets or the sealed 5-set boxes, both dealers and attendees were interested and buying the sets. Those Silver American Eagles continue to be one of the most admired coins.

With the continued interest in precious metals, the coin dealers brought both silver and gold bullion to display and to sell. A lot of gold, both common and Dahlonega, could be found among the coin dealers displays. From a silver perspective, people showed an interest in the many slabbed Morgan dollars in the coin dealers' showcases.
The weather for the last show of the year showed some sun but was mostly cloudy and in the low 50s for the day - neither unseasonably cold nor unseasonably warm.

Based on the number of people visiting the coin show, it was a great day to spend some time looking at coins, currency and bullion! By mid to late morning, the bourse enjoyed elbow-to-elbow attendance.

Coin dealers manned every table in the room and kept busy showing their wares and taking a look at collections people brought to be valued and potentially sold.

Looking at all of the people, we saw regular attendees and we saw a lot of new faces too. Some of the newcomers commented they had never been to a coin show. Whether new or returning, thank you all! We appreciate you coming to the coin show.

Last month, people brought their newly received Silver American Eagle 25th Anniversary 5-coin sets in their sealed 5-set boxes to sell. Being the first, those sets went for a premium price.
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Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from December 2011

Those authors are from the area, and sometimes you will see Bill at the coin show.

It's a great book with lots of detailed pictures to help you understand the many different special varieties found among collectible coins.

These two pages highlight a few 1970-D varieties.
Similar to the types of coins found in the Cherrypickers' Guide, one of the coin dealers on the bourse displayed a 1952 doubled die nickel where "IN GOD WE TRUST" was doubled.

(The Cherrypickers' Guide lists many different varieties, but they can't list them all. It does not include nickels - has half dimes but not nickels.)

In summary, the December 2011 monthly coin show stayed busy and offered a variety of treasures for buying, selling and trading.
Our next show begins a new year. Mark your calendar for the next monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, January 15, 2012.

The coin show is currently scheduled in the Lyon and Sanford rooms, but that is subject to change if the hotel can move us into the ballroom. If the room assignment changes, we will post the location change on the main web page and the Show Dates page.

We wish for you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, a Prosperous New Year and safe journeys always.