Can you believe we just had our November 2012 Greater Atlanta Coin Show - the 299th
monthly coin show? That means the year is almost over. Where did the time go?

Plus, the late-in-the-year coin show didn't feel like November. The skies stayed overcast
throughout most of the day with some sunshine in the mid to late afternoon. But, even for the
Atlanta area, the temperatures remained mild in the upper 60s, maybe even low 70s when the
sun appeared.

Regardless of the time of year or state of the weather, coin dealers packed the bourse with
their numismatic items on display, and many visitors toured the coin show buying, selling,
trading or browsing.

Here's a huge THANK YOU to all of the coin dealers and to all of the visiting public for making
the November Greater Atlanta Coin Show a busy and happening place to be.

Some people brought silver pocket change found and collected through the years to exchange
for cash.
Others brought silver and gold - coins and bullion - to identify
their current market value and decide to keep or to sell.

Still others were buying. Many visitors looked for gold and
silver. Some wanted coins such as Morgan Dollars, Peace
Dollars or commemorative gold or silver coins. Some
preferred gold bullion in the form of buffaloes or eagles and
silver bullion in the form of American Silver Eagles.

Some people wanted gold and silver collectibles from other
countries such as the Chinese Pandas, the Canadian Maple
Leaf coins, the Austrian Philharmonics and the British
Britannias to name just a few. And, for the gold collectors, we
cannot forget the South African Kruggerands.
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from November 2012

A few of the dealers on the bourse specialize in bullion. With the
volatility in the metals markets over the recent weeks (months),
they keep busy at each coin show. Sunday's show was no
exception. People flocked to their tables for both selling and
buying opportunities.

For the coin collector numismatists, many of the coin dealers
offer collectible coins in a wide variety of denominations,
designs and conditions.

One coin dealer specializes in the variety of Barber coins.

There are two Barbers of the US Mint, William Barber and
Charles E. Barber. They reigned as Chief Engraver of the US
Mint from 1869 to 1917. William directed the engraving until
1879 when his son, Charles, took over upon the death of

The Barber tenure, especially that of Charles, included drama
with frequent infighting and strong disagreements. For example,
Charles Barber did not like Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

But, President Teddy Roosevelt did not like the coinage of his
era which consisted mostly of Barber designs. As a result
Roosevelt influenced change in the coinage paving the way for
the $20 Eagle by Saint-Gaudens and the designs by Weinman
on the Mercury dime and Walking Liberty half dollar.

Now at the coin show, other coin dealers display pieces designed by Saint-Gaudens and by A. A. Weinman. Both old
and new coins bear the beautiful designs of these two artists.

Not to be forgotten as they can be very valuable, several coin dealers specialize in copper coins including colonial, early
US Mint copper coins and more recent copper collectible coins.

And, even though it's a "coin" show, several dealers include paper money, various medals, stock certificates, jewelry
and gemstones among their displays.

One dealer offers trillion dollar Zimbabwean notes. All those zeroes can be scary. But, those notes remind us of what
happens when a country attempts to solve their economic problems by printing money.

In other words, the coin dealers at the coin show continue to provide a wide variety of interests in their displays of coins,
currency, bullion and other collectibles.

Most of the coin dealers buy and sell at the monthly coin show and at the other coin shows they visit. Many of their
numismatic items change from month to month.

If you didn't find that perfect treasure at this coin show, the next show will include more and different collectibles to pique
your interest.

Mark your calendar and make plans to visit the 300th Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, December 9, 2012 for
buying, selling and browsing numismatic items.
Proof Gold American Eagle Coins
92% gold, 3% silver, 5% copper
Production Limit
Price as of 11/13/2012
4-coin set
One ounce gold
One-half ounce gold
One-quarter ounce gold
One-tenth ounce gold
American Proof Gold Buffalo
.9999 fine 24-karat gold
One ounce gold

One gentleman cautioned that the US Mint had sold out of some of its 2012 proof gold coins.

As of this morning, the US Mint still showed the 2012 proof gold coins "In Stock" when placed in a shopping cart.
However, sometimes their system does not alert you that your selection is sold-out and wait-listed until you finalize
the order.

My research stopped at pushing the order button for roughly $10,000 in gold coins. They would be nice, but no, not
even for the research.

Instead, this table shows the various production limits on their proof gold coins. If you plan to order, you may want to
do so quickly in case they do reach their production limits in the upcoming gift-giving season - if they haven't already
as the gentleman cautioned.