The morning of the April coin show started with overcast skies. By early afternoon they started
dropping their moisture as rain. But, what's the saying, "April showers bring May flowers?"

And, not only do the rain showers help the flowers, they also help wash away the yellow pine
pollen that covers everything this time of the year.

With the rain, the temperatures stayed in the 60s, maybe kissing the low 70s - not quite as
warm as the temperatures during the prior week.

But, it was a great day to visit a coin show. Here's a big thank you to all of the coin dealers that
packed the bourse and to all of the people that visited the coin show.

This month, due to a space conflict, the coin show was held in the two adjacent rooms

People visiting the coin show shared the hallways and lobby areas with the people attending
the bakery trade show held not only in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom but in several of the other
rooms as well.
As a result, several people brought items to sell to the dealers to help pay their taxes. Enough said.

Perhaps the biggest "heard on the bourse" discussion topic was the speculation about the metals, in particular gold and

Just prior to the show, the metals dropped significantly on the commodities markets.

Of course, this scares some people into selling. Others, though, prefer to hold and to buy more.
As a little side story, a couple of our early (really early) coin dealers
had to explain to some of the bakers that our rooms were set up for
a coin show. It seems the bakers thought the rooms were theirs and
attempted to keep the coin dealers from accessing the space. It
helped that the hotel staff placed placards beside each doorway
noting the coin show.

More and more dealers arrived early to fill every table in each of the
two rooms. In addition, the supplies dealer set up shop in the lobby
area just outside the rooms. He used the two stationary tables, the
additional tables and his merchandise racks to make a small shop
filled with the collectible supplies and wares.

Being April 14th, the show was the day before the dreaded tax day.
This year there wasn't a day or two's reprieve in filing taxes like in
the last couple of years.
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from April 2013

As part of the discussion, the dealers describe how difficult it is
to find and keep available the gold and silver for their customers
to buy.

One would think if the commodities market is being flooded with
sales - enough to depress the price - that the physical product
would be easy to find.

That's not the case. The commodities market deals in "paper"
or electronic transactions; whereas the average Joe (or
Josephina) wants physical gold and silver they can see and

That physical gold and silver continues to be more and more
difficult to find and obtain.

As a result, people visiting the bourse showed lots of interest in
bullion silver and gold.

Our dealers still offer collectible numismatics, too. In fact, there's
a wide variety.

For example, the hotel also hosted a wedding, and one of the
wedding guests proudly showed off an ancient coin he
purchased at the coin show.

Other displays included interests from the ancients to the
colonial to the modern era coins; jewelry from beautifully
handmade to collectible antique watches; collectible paper from
currency to stock certificates and financial papers to name just a
few highlights.
Next month's coin show should be just as interesting as the metals markets continue their odd behavior and the dealers
continue to display their wide numismatic varieties.

Mark your calendar and make plans to visit the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, May 19, 2013 to buy, sell
and browse the wide variety of numismatic and collectible items.