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Coin Show

Next Monthly Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes for May 2022

Mark your calendar and join us at the next show on Sunday, June 12, 2022 in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom.

As usual, dealers will fill the bourse with their displays of coins, currency, bullion, exonumia, scripophily, semi-precious stones, jewelry and other interesting items in their showcases.

Doors open at 9am for guests to visit the bourse for buying, selling, trading or just looking at the different collectible and historical items in the dealers' displays.

In the event circumstances impact the show, check with this web site, the recorded show message (770-772-4359) or join our mailing list to receive information about the shows.

Make a reminder note and visit the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on
Sunday, June 12, 2022 in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom to join the fun and view the items on the bourse.
The May 2022 Greater Atlanta Coin Show enjoyed many visitors from mid-morning to mid-afternoon to a  bourse filled with coins, currency, bullion and other collectibles.

Thank you to one and all who help the show. We appreciate all of you who participate in the monthly show including our visitors, our dealers, our security and the hotel's staff. Each of you contributes to the show making it a fun place to spend a few hours each month.

Of course, everyone is welcome to visit the show whether you want to buy, sell, trade or just view the many displays in the dealers' showcases.
The show's dealers provide displays filled with treasures from coins, currency, bullion, medals, stock certificates, jewelry, semi-precious stones, and other collectibles.

The show also welcomes people with coin and currency collectibles and want them appraised. The dealers will provide free verbal appraisals based on current market values.

For our May show, Mother Nature provided rain in the early morning then a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures in the low 80s. The springtime green with pops of color among the flowers and shrubs made it a beautiful day to be out and visiting a coin show.
As in recent months, guests continued their searches for gold and other precious metals to buy in addition to rare coins.

Many visitors, in particular, wanted Eagles and 90% silver coins.

The show also saw some new faces this month. Most of the new visitors searched for American Silver Eagles.

After a busy show with lack of time to obtain images, our notes are slim this month. We highlight what most people wanted

2022 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins

2022 American Eagle Silver Dollar Bullion Coins obverse
2022 American Eagle Silver Dollar Bullion Coins reverse
The obverse of the American Eagle Silver Coins uses the “Walking Liberty” design by sculptor Adolph A. Weinman from the 1916 half dollar, which he described as "Liberty walking into the dawn of a new day."

In the design, Liberty walks in profile, draped in the folds of the American flag. Her right arm is extended, and she carries laurel and oak branches in her left.

Since 2021, the coins feature a new reverse showing an eagle carrying an oak branch coming to land, perhaps in building a nest.

Each coin contains a minimum of one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver.

From January through May 2022, the US Mint shows they have sold 9,281,500 American Silver Eagle one-ounce dollar bullion coins.
First launched in 1986, the US Mint provides the American Silver Eagle in both proof and bullion form.

The proof coins can be purchased from the US Mint, however, the bullion version, as shown here, must be purchased from a distributor dealer or from someone that has purchased the coins from a distributor.
That number helps show the popularity of the American Silver Eagle bullion coins.

But, be cautious in buying the American Silver Eagle as counterfeits are finding their way into the marketplace (see April 2022 Notes).

For the 2022 version, the US Mint introduced a component to make counterfeits more difficult. That's the missing reed.

In the meantime, these three ladies illustrate the beauty of the American Eagle Dollar Bullion Coins.