The May 20, 2012 coin show saw another beautiful day with a hint of the hotter temperatures
of the next few months. Regardless, it was a day to be enjoyed.

We saw some new faces at the May coin show in both the guests and the coin dealers.

A few of our regular dealers had other plans allowing us to invite some new dealers to

Here's a big welcome and thank you to both the guest coin dealers and the new attendees for
joining us at this show.

Let's not forget the hotel. Here's a big thank you to the hotel's staff for setting up the coin
show's space. They deserve special recognition considering they hosted another event plus
two weddings on the day before and were setting up another function as we left on Sunday
On a different note, in the afternoon one of our visitors had a
medical emergency in the foyer of the hotel. We send special
appreciation to another coin show guest who called 911, to our
security for assisting the gentleman until the emergency services
arrived, to one of our dealers who assisted (he is a retired doctor),
to the Cobb County Fire and EMS support and to the ambulance

We hope the gentleman received the medical attention he needed
and is feeling much better now. We want to see him at future coin

With the drop in metal prices, a lot of our visitors looked for gold and
silver bullion. Some of the dealers had bullion, but the guests'
demands were larger than the coin dealers' supplies.
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from May 2012

Though some people buy high and sell low (yes, that's
backwards, but some people do buy high, get scared and sell
low), many others choose to keep their gold and silver when the
prices drop.

When people hold on to their supply, coin dealers find it more
difficult to replenish their inventory of gold and silver.

With that said, our bullion dealers stayed very busy buying and
selling. One group they saw included several Iranian gold

Other visitors to the coin show from the true numismatic collector
group searched for specific coins to fill holes in their collections.
Or, perhaps they are taking advantage of this market to upgrade
existing pieces.

A few other highlights on the bourse included several large cents
on display, an impressively toned 1987 proof set, a complete
Hawaiian set and some Type II 1979 and 1981 proof sets - just
to name a few.

Of course, there were many other collectibles and treasures that
could be found in the coin dealers' showcases.

As a reminder, this is the 25th year of our monthly coin shows.
We are counting up to the 300th coin show in December with
our May coin show being number 293.

We are still working on how to celebrate the 300th coin show.
Stay tuned to find out how.
Think about it and plan to attend the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, June 10, 2012.