Guests and dealers enjoyed buying, selling and trading, but the weather closed the show early. Even though the heavy snowfall stopped by mid afternoon, the high winds and colder temperatures had people leaving early.

As for coins and bullion, time and Patience are strong warriors, but you cannot sit on the sidelines just waiting. Watch the news and your investments. Do your due diligence to determine the best choices for your personal situation - collecting or investing. There are many opportunities that will fit your wallet and your goals.

See you in April! (Yes, we know it's Easter Sunday. We are not heathens; it was the only April Sunday available.) Come visit to check out the show, the coins, the bullion and the collections on the bourse.

In general, due to the economy, both collectors and investors are looking for gold and silver bullion. As a result, the demand makes it difficult to stock a good supply. Once again, the bourse did not have much bullion.

But, next month the bourse will be different. With the frequent buying and selling these dealers do in their shops and at other shows, the supplies of both coins and bullion change from month to month.

Speaking of gold, a gold type set came in and was purchased by one of the dealers. In the set, a Charlotte gold coin was included along with a high relief coin plus other coins as well. After purchasing, the set was placed on display and was for sale.
Here we go again with Atlanta's changeable weather. Early in the week prior to the show, our temperatures were in the mid to upper 60s. Then, on the day of the show, snow was predicted. Though we didn't believe it, the snowy weather system moved from the southwest through the eastern part of Atlanta and toward the northeast.

The wet, heavy snow started late morning with quarter sized flakes and kept falling to become several inches. (By the way, at the end of this week, March 6 & 7, temperatures will be in the 70s....another example of our capricious weather.)

For the show, the concern with the weather and actual road challenges in some areas of the metro area kept some of our dealers at home and our guests were also lighter than normal.

Interestingly, a few of our regular dealers had a conflict this weekend and attended coin shows in Memphis and in Spartanburg. Memphis received a foot of snow and had to shut down I-40 for bad road conditions. Also, the same system that hit Atlanta was moving up the coast to impact South Carolina. We hope all of our dealers made it safely back home - those in Memphis, Spartanburg and Atlanta.
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