But, interestingly, platinum, the beautiful white precious metal, has not
been very prominent at the shows lately - either buying or selling as
either bullion or coins.

Perhaps its low profile is due to fewer coins minted in platinum along
with it not being mentioned quite as frequently as gold and silver in
the investment media.

Of course, there were other numismatic interests on the bourse.
Dealers displayed complete Lincoln sets that included the rare and
valuable 1909-S VDB cent.

Plus, there were slabbed 1916-D Mercury dimes available for those
interested in coinage that circulated in the early 20th century.
For those of you more interested in the new coins, especially the recently introduced National Park quarters, our
supplies dealer offered the new collectible albums. He also brought and sold several copies of the new 2011 Red Book
and a new kit for "How to Sell Gold."

Our dealers have wide interests and many other numismatic collectibles, including currency, were presented for guests
to browse and find a treasure to fit into their collections.

We hope you'll join us at our next show on Sunday, July 11, 2010.

What a glorious day! The sun shone brightly all day with a beautiful blue sky overhead. Yes,
the temperatures got into the 90s, but that's OK. We are in the south.

Here's a hearty welcome and thank you for coming to both the returning guests and to the
many new faces we saw at the show. And, a welcome and thank you goes to the
gentleman from Indiana who found us again and returned to the show while visiting family in
the area.

All of you and our dealers made this another very busy and very active show. Thank you.

As for the hotel renovations, our ballroom space has been complete for a couple of months
now. The hotel's construction crews continue work on the atrium and other shared spaces
and should be completed soon. Already, new windows added for the atrium have made the
area just outside our ballroom space much brighter.

At the shows earlier this year, many guests looked to buy gold and silver, but others
brought silver and gold to sell. This month, guests just looked to buy gold and silver. For
example, our new bullion dealer brought several silver eagle rolls and sold out with his first
three customers of the day. Similarly, knowing the desire for gold, many of our dealers
brought gold, and that went quickly as well.
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