In addition to bullion, the 2009 minted coins made a major appearance at the July show. Several dealers made available the difficult to obtain first two 2009 Lincoln cents - Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky and Formative Years in Indiana.

Plus, the new 2009 quarters - District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam were available. As the quarters for the other territories are released, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands, dealers will make those available too.

Of course, if you wanted proof versions of the four Lincoln cents, the six new quarters, the four presidential dollars and the regular (nickel, dime, half and dollar) coins, dealers brought 2009 Proof Sets to the show as well.

On a related topic, if you were looking for collecting supplies, the coin show's full service supplies dealer provided coin albums, reference books and many other collectible materials for the collectors' needs.

Mark your calendar (August 16) and make plans to visit the coin show next month. We'll see you there!

And, on a family note, one of our dealers had visits from his children and grandchildren. We hope he enjoyed his family and that they had an enjoyable time at the show.

The July coin show was another busy show with buying, selling and trading.

Once again, people wanted to buy and sell gold and silver. In reviewing the coin and investment market, major bullion dealers speculate that prices will sky rocket soon. Their main justification is demand exceeds supply.

Yes, you can still find the bullion in small quantities, but much of it is out of circulation in private collections, safes and vaults.
Even though the day was hot, the show had great attendance. The day was dry until the end of the show. Even then, people had left the show before being caught in the gully washers as they drove home.

Earlier in the day, a bicycle race trapped a few of our visitors coming down Georgia 400. All lanes were blocked for 45 minutes or more.

Now, we're not sure whose bright idea it was to close a major north-south artery to the city, but we hope they found the hassle for everyone worth it.

A big THANK YOU goes to those people who persevered and made it to the coin show even after their entrapment on a major highway.

A few of the shows' regular dealers were unexpectedly out this month. We wish them well and hope that everything is OK with them and their families.
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