People had a variety of interests this month. With the economic
turmoil, people remain interested in silver and gold. But, with the not
too distant history of the government confiscating gold, their interest
focuses more toward silver and gold coins rather than pure bullion.

Additionally, being a coin show, dealers had a variety of coins on
display to peak guests' interests. Collector coins appealed to many
people who were looking to add to their collections. Collector coins
are those coins with a historical past either in circulation or as
commemorative coins. They contain an intrinsic beauty in their design
and longevity along with their historical significance.
On a disconcerting note, one of the dealers had a counterfeit $20 Liberty coin for display and discussion. In addition to
the collectors' concerns, dealers (who are really collectors too) are increasingly perturbed by how good the
counterfeiters are getting with their reprehensible processes. Rumor has it that a few counterfeit coins have slipped by
the top-end grading services. This just means that everyone - collectors and dealers alike - need to be more educated
and more vigilant about the counterfeits.

Of course, with the American Numismatic Association's World's Fair of Money being held in Boston this week, several
people were discussing their plans to attend. Or, if not attending, they speculated on what would be on display and what
would be the attractions for the dealers and guests who would be attending.

Some people visited the Sunday show to sell their coins and scrap gold or silver. A few just wanted the cash. Others
wanted to "trade up" some of their collectibles. They found the best buyer on the bourse for their collection, retrieved the
cash and shopped with the dealers to find a few new treasures to collect.

The Sunday show was wonderfully jam packed with dealers and guests. Thank you all for making the show a great

Next month's coin show is Sunday, September 12, 2010. We hope to see you there!
A hot, hot Atlanta summer day, but neither dealers nor guests let the heat and broiling sun
keep them from enjoying the coin show. The dealers rolled in early to get set up for the
opening of the show. Guests arrived early to make the start of the show very busy and kept
the bourse jam packed for much of the morning and early afternoon.

Welcome to the many new faces who attended the show for the first time, and welcome
back to those who we frequently see attending the show. Welcome, also, to the people
who haven't collected for a number of years and are regaining their interest in numismatics.
All of you are appreciated. We are glad you came.

Between the construction trucks associated with the hotel's continuing renovation project
and a reunion being held at the hotel, parking was more of a challenge this month. Based
on a packed bourse, coin show guests did not let a small parking challenge deter them
from visiting the show.
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