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Coin Show

Next Monthly Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes for December 2023

Mark your calendar and join us at the next show on Sunday, January 14, 2024, in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom.

The first show of 2024 will have dealers filling the bourse with displays of coins, currency, bullion, exonumia, scripophily, semi-precious stones, jewelry and other interesting items for guests to enjoy.

The show always welcomes visitors to buy, sell, trade or just enjoy viewing the variety of numismatic and other collectibles in the dealers' displays.

People can also bring coins and currency to the show for a free verbal appraisal based on the current market.

The show is open from 9am - 4pm, however arrive early for the most opportunities. 

Should circumstances impact the show, check with this web site, the recorded show message (
770-772-4359), or join our mailing list to receive up-to-date information about the next show.

Make a reminder note and visit the next
Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, January 14, 2024 in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom to join the fun and view the items on the bourse.
The December 2023 Greater Atlanta Coin Show welcomed many visitors to the last show of the year. Dealers filled the bourse with their displays of coins, currency, bullion and other collectibles.

Outside, Mother Nature provided a rainy day with temperatures in the 50s earlier in the day. Later in the day, the wind began dropping those temperatures into the 40s.

As the last show of the year and in the middle of the holiday season, dealers made sure they offered full displays for our many visitors to enjoy.

As always, we appreciate our guests visiting the show, all the dealers with their displays, our security men and the hotel's staff. All of you make the show a fun place to visit each month. Thank you one and all.

This month, people came to the show for many different reasons.
As usual, there continued to be a strong demand for gold in its many variations from coins in different denomination to bullion in various troy weights.

Of course, people came to buy and to sell silver as well. Some searched for coins or bullion to add to their collections. Others brought silver items for appraisal and for sale.

With the added interest in the Morgan and Peace dollars, some guests looked for specific dollar coins to fill blanks in their existing sets.

Some visitors searched for fractional currency, silver proof sets, foreign coins and currency, just to name a few.

Instead of a tour this month (too busy to take images), we take this opportunity to wish for you and yours a wonderful and safe holiday season and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!