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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from February 2018

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Next Monthly Coin Show

Lots of people visited the February Greater Atlanta Coin Show with its many numismatic
displays on a warm day - warm even for February in Hotlanta.

Outside, the weather provided overcast and rainy skies but kept the temperature in the mid
to upper 60s. Downpours had been predicted, but the raindrops remained light and

Inside, the dealers filled the bourse with their many showcases housing a wide variety of
numismatics from the ancient to the modern-day including coins, currency, bullion and
related items.

We thank each of you - the many visitors, the dealers, the security and the hotel staff - for
making the coin show a fun and busy place to be on a rainy February Sunday.
That's it for this month's semi-virtual tour...

Join us at the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show to see what new and old-but-new-to-the-bourse numismatic and collectible
items the dealers add to their inventory in their many showcases.

Mark your calendars to join us for the third monthly coin show of the year on Sunday, March 11, 2018.

This month, several boy scouts and cub scouts wandered the bourse
looking at the various displays, asking questions and looking for
specific items.

Plus, we saw dads with young children walking about the bourse to see
what they could find.

We also welcome people curious about coins and history or just curious
about a coin show.

Of course, we also welcome those who have numismatic items they
want to sell or want to learn their worth.

All are welcome and a big THANK YOU to those who did visit the show
this month.

As for the hotel, we had been alerted that we would be the three rooms
downstairs, however just a few days before the show, they let us know
we would be in the ballroom as we regularly are.

We did have Sunday neighbors. A group of Postal Service Carriers
utilized a portion of the hotel's conference space next door to us.

Was their gathering for fun or work? We don't know. We were too busy
to be curious and find out.
The coin show welcomes everyone from the
serious, experienced collector or investor to
the newest person to the numismatic hobby,
from the oldsters to the youngsters, too.
This month the "seen on the bourse" will be without images, too busy to take the pictures.

Busy is a good thing, but we lack any pictures taken on the coin show's bourse - hopefully, we'll have some next month.

The coin images below are courtesy of the US Mint.

Dahlonega Gold

These three facilities were authorized to mint both silver and gold
coins, however the Dahlonega mint only produced gold coins.

Several of our dealers offer Dahlonega Gold coins in their
showcases each month.

This month, in particular, one dealer had beautiful gold quarter
eagles ($2.50) and half eagles ($5.00) from the Dahlonega mint on

In addition to the quarter and half eagles, the Dahlonega mint also
produced one dollar and three-dollar (just in 1854) gold coins.

During the civil war, the confederacy seized the Dahlonega Mint on
April 8, 1861 and used the facility for its purposes.
President Andrew Jackson's authorization of The Act of 1835 created three minting facilities in the South, one of which
was located in the town of Dahlonega, just a few miles north of metro Atlanta
After the war, the facility never produced US coins again.

Today, gold coins from the Dahlonega mint are highly prized, especially those in the higher grades.

2018 Silver American Eagles

As one of their more popular collectibles, the US Mint
released the 2018 American Eagle Silver coins on January

By the February coin show, several of the 2018 Silver Eagles
were on display and available.

The obverse of the Silver Eagle shows the Adolph A.
Weinman design of Liberty "walking into the dawn of a new

Currently, the US Mint sales figures show they sold 3,235,000
bullion silver one ounce coins in January and 705,000 in

Remember, the US Mint does not sell bullion silver eagles
directly to the public. Instead, they sell to their approved
dealer list from whom other dealers and the public can
purchase the bullion coins.

Through their February 18th report, the US Mint shows sales
of 243,668 American Eagle Silver Proof one-ounce coins
with an additional 182 coins sold as part of their bulk

Whether bullion or proof, the 2018 American Silver Eagles
are just as beautiful as their earlier versions.
2018 Silver American Eagle

Presidential Dollar and State Quarter Rolls

Did you know you can purchase rolls of circulating coins directly from the US

Several of the coins, such as the Presidential $1 series, the state quarter series
and the other circulating coins, can be obtained in roll quantities. These coins,
though considered a circulation strike, will be uncirculated in the rolls.

Several of these rolled coins were available on the bourse at the coin show.

The Presidential $1 coin rolls could be obtained in one-roll quantities of 25
coins and be minted at either Philadelphia or Denver, with the "P" or "D"
specified on the roll.

Similarly, the state quarter coins could be obtained with 40 coins in each roll
with the wrapper signifying the mint location.

Frequently, the quarter rolls were available as a two-roll set.

Now, the America the Beautiful quarter rolls can be obtained from the Mint as a
two-roll set including Philadelphia and Denver rolls, a one-roll set from the San
Francisco Mint or a three-roll set including coins from all three locations.

Unfortunately, the older Presidential $1 coin rolls and the state quarter coin rolls
have not maintained the premium value assigned by the US Mint when

However, as collectibles, they maintain their beauty as "uncirculated" circulation
strike coins.

Gold Mercury Dime, Standing Quarter & Walking Liberty Half

2016 Gold Coins: Mercury Dime, Standing Liberty Quarter, Walking Liberty Half Dollar
"In 2016, the U.S. Mint marked the centennial anniversary
of three numismatic icons with the release of three gold

"The Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin is the first of
three 24-karat gold coins the Mint issued to
commemorate the 100th anniversary of three classic coin
designs first issued in 1916. The coin features Adolph A.
Weinman’s original 'Winged Liberty' design. This gold
dime coin is commonly referred to as the Mercury Dime
because of Liberty’s resemblance to the Roman god.

"The release of the Standing Liberty Quarter celebrates
Hermon A. MacNeil’s original 'Standing Liberty' quarter

"The Walking Liberty Half Dollar celebrates Adolph A.
Weinman’s original 'Walking Liberty' half dollar design."

Of course, the obverse design of the Walking Liberty half
dollar can be seen on the American Eagle Silver coins
while the Mercury dime's obverse design can be seen on
the new American Eagle Palladium coins.
On the bourse, dealers displayed and offered the special gold coins produced in 2016.

The US Mint's web site tells the story of these three special anniversary gold coins.
These three gold specimens showcase the beauty of the designs first released as silver coins in 1916.

1995-W Five-piece Set

Another interesting item on the February coin show's bourse included the 1995-W American Eagle set with four
gold eagles and one silver eagle.

An interesting article by Jaime Hernandez posted on the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) web site in
February 2010 described this set.

An excerpt:

"In 1995, the United States Mint celebrated the Silver Eagle program by introducing a special five-piece 10th
Anniversary Eagle proof set. The 10th Anniversary set was comprised of four Gold Eagles and a special one-
ounce proof Silver Eagle bearing the 'W' mint mark. The 1995-W would be the first Silver Eagle to bear the W
mint mark and would have the lowest mintage for any Silver Eagle ever produced by the U.S. Mint.

"45,000 sets were authorized for the five-piece set containing the 1995-W Silver Eagle, but far less were sold.
Consequently, the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle has become the rarest and most desirable of all Silver Eagles.


"The only way to obtain the low-mintage 1995-W Silver Eagle directly from the U.S. Mint would be by purchasing
the entire Eagle proof set offered by the Mint that year. The Mint offered the four-gold piece set at $999 and as a
free bonus buyers could choose to receive the special five-piece set, which included the 1995-W Silver Eagle.

"The accompanying 1995-W Gold Eagles had the following mintages: 46,484 for the one ounce, 45,442 for the
half ounce, 47,484 for the quarter ounce, and 62,673 for the tenth ounce.


"Many people who are collecting Silver Eagles are building complete sets. To complete a Silver Eagle proof set,
collectors need to acquire the 1995-W Silver Eagle. With a low mintage of 30,125 in one of the most widely
collected modern U.S. coin series, attaining this piece will become a great challenge."

Eight years after this article and 23 years after its debut, this five-piece set still offers value well above the bullion
content of the one silver and four gold coins.