As for other coin news, the US Mint released the third 2009 Lincoln penny on Tuesday, August 11. This third coin in the
series of four recognizes Lincoln's professional life in Illinois from 1830 to 1861.

For the adventure and the thrill of being at the first release of the coins, one of our regular dealers went to Illinois. In
addition to the pennies, he wanted the new American Samoa quarters. The journey from Georgia to Illinois began the
adventure. But, navigating the US Mint's rules and queues to buy the new Lincoln pennies and the new American
Samoa quarters challenged the attendees.

With tenacity comes success. The dealer returned with his coveted pennies and quarters.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on September 13, 2009.

Though we caution people that late afternoon does not offer the same
variety as the morning's bourse, one gentleman looking for gold could
not get to the show earlier in the day. Good news - he found the gold
he wanted.

In general, gold continues to be in demand. Our dealers who also
have shops tell us that they cannot keep gold in their stores. As soon
as gold arrives someone buys it.

Frequently, the financial news media offers stories of people exiting
the stock market to invest in gold instead. Is this the right thing for
you? Perform research for your own circumstances to decide what is
best for you.
Excellent show! Lots of dealers and lots of guests who did a lot of buying and selling...

To all of you who packed the bourse - dealers and guests, we appreciate your visiting the
show. We hope you were there, but if you weren't, you missed an active and very busy day.

As for the day, the weather cooperated with beautiful skies in the morning and not-too-hot
temperatures. Yes, intermittent thunderstorms poured on the area a few times throughout
the afternoon, but people didn't let a little rain keep them from enjoying the show.

For August, two shows converged on the Holiday Inn Select's meeting facilities. The
Greater Atlanta Coin Show and the North Atlanta Sports Collectibles Show shared cross
traffic for those people interested in both types of collecting.

In fact, some people commented that they saved a trip when both shows occur on the
same day and at the same place.

As for the coin show, guests browsed on the busy bourse, but most visitors came to buy
and a few to sell. And, once again, people looked for gold.
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