The June Greater Atlanta Coin Show enjoyed a good number of visitors on a bourse filled with coin dealers and their displays.

Even though the weather forecast included the possibility of isolated - or was it scattered? - thundershowers, the show did not experience any rain. The day remained nice after heavy showers in the wee morning hours.

Thank you to all of the visitors, all of the dealers, our security and all of the hotel personnel for making the show a success.

The number of visitors wasn't as large as a winter show day, but the people who came made it a very busy show.

We saw lots of new faces, many of whom brought coins and related collectibles for the dealers to appraise. (The dealers provide free verbal appraisals at the show.)

Other visitors brought silver and gold collectible coins and bullion to sell.

In contrast, lots of our Sunday visitors were looking for world coins, though not any one particular country's coins.
Some people wanted foreign gold and silver bullion, others looked for a variety of world coins.

Speaking of gold and silver, near the end of the day when many of the dealers were leaving, one of the bullion dealers stopped his loaded cart to assist a late arrival with rounds.

Now, it was late in the day, and the dealer had a long drive ahead of him. Instead of continuing on his way, he took some time to help the gentleman.

Kudos to that dealer and to all of our dealers who help the guests attending the show.
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Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from June 2014

We remember, and we appreciate.

Mark your calendar and make plans to visit the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, August 3, 2014 with its coin dealers and their showcases filled with coins, currency, jewelry and other collectibles.
On a different note, several people of the area commented on the recent movie activity near the Marietta Square.

At least for a short time, a pottery business became a barber shop complete with the red, white and blue barber pole out front and old advertising signs affixed to their side brick wall.

Though fun and interesting, several nearby businesses suffered because the movie crew closed the sidewalk and would not allow people to access those businesses.

Back to coins...

Did you realize the June show was just two days after the 70th anniversary of D-Day?
In addition to the "I have confidence" message he wrote for the allied troops, Eisenhower also wrote a message in case of failure.

Like all good leaders, he accepted all responsibility for the "failure." If he hadn't shown the message to his aide a month later, we would never know what he wrote. (See our Coins Tell Stories... facebook entry for June 6 to read both his Order of the Day message and his "failure" message."

Historians recognize the D-Day invasion helped speed the end to the war though it would take another year of turmoil.
World War II Commemorative Silver Dollar Coin
Let's also remember the many who served who remained near the beaches of Normandy under simple marble crosses.
Let's remember D-Day and pay tribute, with coins, to all of the courageous and selfless people serving their country during World War II.
World War II Commemorative Half Dollar Coin
And, let's not forget the man who made the tough decision to storm the Normandy beaches even though the weather continued to be challenging.

Did you know?
Eisenhower Commemorative Silver Dollar coin