On a local note, a couple of our dealers went to Indiana to be a part of the ceremonies and to obtain rolls of the new
pennies. Any new design by the mint is interesting to coin collectors, and to say that you were there and were able to get
the early rolls gives you bragging rights within the collector community.

One drawback to the trip - the mint limited the number of rolls attendees could buy. Still, the dealers and collectors who
made it to the event had an interesting adventure being a part of the ceremonial release. For everyone's enjoyment at
our May show, the dealers brought their new coins and had them on display and available to guests on Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you at the next show on June 14!

Did you know? Last week, the US Mint had a special ceremony in
Lincoln City, Indiana at the Lincoln Amphitheatre in Lincoln State Park
to launch the second of the four redesigned Lincoln cents. The four
coins are unique to 2009 and honor the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth
in 1809 and the centennial of the Lincoln penny's initial release in

This new penny's reverse pays tribute to Lincoln's formative years in
Indiana from 1816 to 1830. In particular, the design shows a young,
strapping and almost grown Lincoln reading a book while resting on a
log. This reverse remembers that his mother, Nancy, instilled a love of
reading in him when Lincoln was very young. Plus, the log reminds us
that he bartered his services as a rail splitter to help support the
Lincoln family.

You can read more about the release at the US Mint's web site in
their pressroom or click here for the press release on May 14. You
can also find more information for all of the 2009 Lincoln cents under
their Coins and Medals section, or click here Formative Years for
more insights on the second re-design.
Well, the May show has come and gone. It was a rainy and slow Sunday for the most part.
Some dealers were moving slowly due to the rain but the slowness was due even more to
attending another show for the prior four days.

But, that's OK. People still came and still enjoyed the day with like minds also interested in
collecting and investing in coins, metals and currency.

Plus, the coin show had cross traffic with the North Atlanta Sports Collectibles Show this
month. A few times this year the two shows are booked in the same facilities on the same
Sundays. [Contact Frank Moiger (678.644.6057 or via email: utvol69@aol.com for sports
collectibles show information.]

Since we moved the coin shows to this location, the Holiday Inn has been good to us.
However, their lunch service has been sporadic. This month, they tried something different
with an all-you-can-eat soup, salad, sandwich and dessert buffet. Many people tried the
buffet and were very happy with the selection and with the food. We hope this option was
successful for the hotel, and they continue to provide the service.
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