Think about when you start a project at home that requires taking something apart, cleaning or repairing it, then putting it
back together. How many times do you find hidden aspects to the project when you get part way through it? And, how
many times does it take more time and more money than you initially planned to finish the job?

That's what happened to the Holiday Inn Select's renovation project. Other issues were found needing repair after the
contractors began the tear out prior to the renovation. Those issues took additional time to address.

We hope many of you found the news that the show was cancelled - through the dealers, the web site or the telephone
line. However, we know several of you made the trip to the location. We apologize for the inconvenience and for the

Yes, we were all disappointed too.

Enjoy the beginning of spring, the flowers, the warmer weather, the buds on the trees, the greening of the plant life and
the clear blue skies.

We look forward to the next show on April 11, 2010.
Just inside the left, light-colored outside doorway
to the ballroom, this picture shows the scissor
lifts and some of the work crew. (Note: only one
light was operational in the ballroom area. The
open doorways and the camera's flash make the
area seem much lighter than it was.)
No, we didn't have the show this month. We are just as disappointed as you that we had to

Due to construction delays at the Holiday Inn Select, their ballroom renovation project could
not be finished by our show date, Sunday, March 14, 2010.

Neither dealers nor guests are picky about a coin show's space. However, the show does
require lighting, tables and space to browse.

The pictures below provide a glimpse of the space as of Sunday evening around 6 pm.

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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from March 2010

Coin show parking area outside bourse ballroom 03-14-2010
Coin show ballroom area from outer doorway 03-14-2010
The next picture views the room from near where
the bourse entrance is normally located with the
camera facing slightly left.
Coin show bourse from entry door 03-14-2010
From the left end of the ballroom facing toward
where the bourse is normally located, you can
see the construction detritus along with a few
workmen. (Reminder, the room was very dim;
the light comes from the open doors and the
camera's flash.)
Coin show ballroom from left end toward bourse area 03-14-2010
This view is similar but shows more toward the
back of the ballroom.
Coin show ballroom facing bourse area 03-14-2010
This last picture illustrates the hallway from the
guest entrance doors. The door you can see on
the right is the where the bourse entry would
normally be. The raw studs on the left highlight
the temporary wall separating the construction
zone from the atrium area of the hotel lobby. On
the floor, several light fixtures wait to be installed.
Coin show entrance hallway to bourse 03-14-2010
In the back parking area near the entrance to the ballrooms, their construction dumpster sat almost full.