For the metro area, the October Greater Atlanta Coin Show enjoyed a sunny day with
temperatures in the 70s.

In other words, a nice day to be out, about and visiting a coin show.

Some of our expected visitors, though, could not come because they were near hurricane
Matthew's path. We hope they and everyone impacted by the storm can recover as quickly
as possible.

This month's show was in the Cole, Lyon and Sanford rooms down one level from our
normal space.

We were surprised to arrive and find that the hotel had moved the show. The change
always causes extra challenges for the show, but a last minute change causes even more

But, the dealers and the visitors made the best of the situation. For that, we thank each of
you and very much appreciate your forbearance.
Rumor has it that the reason the hotel moved the show was to
accommodate a wedding party from North Carolina escaping
hurricane Matthew's path. True? False? We're not sure, but it's

Some people staying in the hotel to avoid hurricane Matthew
did stop by the coin show. Welcome, glad you stopped by and
come visit again when not dodging a storm.

In addition to the show, the hotel hosted a couple of weddings
and a couple of churches.

A few people from those events visited us - welcome, glad you
came and visit us again in the future.
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from October 2016

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One of the wedding guests, a dad, found several coin collectibles for his three children.

The US Mint frequently offers birth year and birthday collectibles, but you can easily make your own remembrance gifts as
he did.

Collectibles from a child's birth year such as proof sets (clad or silver), eagles (silver or gold) or commemoratives make
fun and interesting mementos for youngsters of all ages.
For older "youngsters," maybe even a certified copper or silver coin
from their birth year such as a Peace dollar, Franklin half dollar,
Standing Liberty quarter, Mercury (Winged Liberty) dime, Buffalo
nickel or Wheat Ears cent.

Or, to be really interesting, find a coin from 100 years before their birth

Something that old could pique their interest and perhaps intrigue them
with our history.

There are still examples of these coins that are not terribly expensive
yet are not "slicks" either.

"Slicks," of course, have lost much of their design from wear and tear
through the years of circulation.
But, older coins can be found in a variety of grades. Many of them showcase the design without being cost prohibitive as a fun gift.

They also make great gifts to one's self. How better to remember your special days than with a gift to yourself?

This month, the three-room bourse was once again filled with
coin dealers and their many collectibles.

Unfortunately, time did not permit images of examples from the
varieties available.

The show always represents a broad base of interests starting
with the ancient coins of the Romans, Greeks and even coins
referenced in the Bible.

Plus, there are always a few examples from the Colonial and
Post-Colonial periods prior to the beginning of the US Mint.

Then, the many years and denominations from the US Mint can
be found - some in 2x2 holders, ungraded, and others in sealed
holders with their certified grades on the label.

Not, to forget, foreign or international examples are also on
display, not as prolific as the American coins, but still a good
cross section of other countries' coinage.

Several dealers also provide bullion coins from the domestic
eagles to the Chinese pandas, Canadian Maple Leaf coins,
African krugerands and other silver and gold bullion.

Platinum coins can also be found, just not as commonly as gold
and silver.
Several dealers also display other types of numismatics such as paper currency, medals used for money,
American Indian money and artistic stock certificates as a few examples.

People can find other items of interest on the bourse such as jewelry (modern and antique), watches, precious and
semi-precious stones, civil war artifacts and whatever other collectibles struck the dealers' fancy.

The displays' overall content remains constant from month to month, however the particular items turnover as
people buy and sell at the show and between shows.

Each month, new treasures can be found among the dealers' showcases on the bourse.
On a different note, the October show was the last one prior to the early November

Political discussions were not rampant, but they did occur throughout the day.

An interesting comment by Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs guy, makes one stop and think
for a minute.

People are frequently told to exercise their right to vote.

When someone requested Mr. Rowe to advocate voting, he responded with the quip
that people have the right to own an AR-15 rifle but that doesn't mean everyone should
have one (paraphrasing his longer discussion).
He did advocate that eligible voters learn the issues facing the country, educate themselves in order to decide their
position on the issues and determine which candidate best matches their position and priorities.

Then, they should go vote.

That's a much better suggestion than people blindly voting a specific party, gender, race or ethnicity.

Next month, the holidays will be rapidly approaching and the coin show's bourse will be filled with dealers and their
many displays of numismatics, collectibles and interesting items.

Mark your calendars to visit the next monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, November 13, 2016.