That wasn't the only instance of the new 2011 25th Anniversary American Eagle Silver Coin Sets on the bourse. Other people - dealers and public alike - had received theirs as well. On the other hand, many who didn't gain access into the US Mint's ordering system until later in the day were still waiting to learn if their order was going to be fulfilled by the US Mint. (Note: Supposedly, the US Mint sent the last successful fulfillment emails on Monday, November 14.)

How high will the price for the 25th Anniversary American Eagle Silver Coins go? That remains to be seen. Currently, there are offers of $4000+. Will that be the limit? Or, will the coins go even higher? If these sets perform similarly to the 20th Anniversary sets in 2006, they will go higher before falling backward. The answers to the "how high and when" questions remain unpredictable.

As with recent monthly coin shows, the dealers continue to respond to the customers' desire for silver and gold. This month, the coin dealers displayed lots of common gold coins along with silver - including the 5-ounce America the Beautiful silver rounds.

Among the gold coins in the dealers' showcases were several first spouse coins. And for those of you interested in both foreign and old, one of the coin dealers presented a nice collection of hammered English gold coins.

As noted before, coin dealers have a wide variety of collectible interests within numismatics and with other subjects as well.
One coin dealer proudly showed some historical documents about Stone Mountain that he'd just received and was reviewing. (They weren't for general display - yet.)

Another gentleman arrived at the show with raw gemstones for sale. Yes, quite frequently, coin dealers are interested in gemstones and collectible rocks. However, we're not sure if the gentleman found anyone at this show interested in his raw stones.

The November Greater Atlanta Coin Show remained busy for a large part of the day. If you didn't get the opportunity to visit, mark your calendar for the next monthly coin show (and the last one for 2011) on Sunday, December 11, 2011 in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom located on the main conference floor
The US Mint sold each of the 5-coin sets for right at $300 each. Many people ordered the individual maximum number of sets - five. On Sunday, one gentleman brought in his sealed box containing the five 5-coin sets. He sold his sealed box to one of the coin dealers on the bourse for $3500.

Let's see, that's a purchase price of $300 per set times five sets which equals $1500. The sales price, $3500, minus his buy price, $1500, yields a profit to him of $2000.

Wouldn't it be nice if all investment risks returned that amount of profit in that short of a time period? (That's one of those silly, rhetorical questions!)
Just wow. The middle of November and the temperatures are in the high 60s, low 70s.

Without a lot of rain or cold temperatures, perhaps this year didn't produce the prettiest fall leaves, but there are plenty of pretty colors around. Bright yellows, golds and oranges compete with the many shades of rich reds.

We must enjoy the turning leaves as they will quickly disappear. Even small gusts of wind generate a veritable storm of falling leaves. And, it's time to get the blower to the drives and walkways before the predicted rain showers glue the leaves where they lay.

Sunday wasn't as sunny as expected from the "partly cloudy" weather prediction. But, the day was nice and the coin show enjoyed a large crowd for much of the day.

We appreciate the many new faces who found and visited the coin show. And, as always, we appreciate and are always glad to see the returning visitors. All of you are welcome. We are glad you came.

The biggest buzz on the bourse this month was the talk of the new American Eagle Silver Coin 25th Anniversary sets. On Thursday, October 27, the US Mint opened their ordering processes for the 5-coin sets at noon Eastern time. Just a few short hours later, the Mint sold out.
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