In addition to being post-holiday, the metals - gold and silver - recently lost value in the market. Their decrease impacted
the interest in bullion on the bourse.

Take a look at the gold charts and silver charts to see how the metals performed through the coin show years and before
each coin show of the last year.

In particular, gold decreased from December by $53.50 or 3.1% while silver decreased $3.53 or 10.1%.

Dips in the market provide good times to buy the metals. But, interestingly, many buyers get scared at the dips and don't
buy. Instead, they get the fever when the market is on an upswing and buy at higher prices.

With his attitude and the appropriate training with the prosthetic,
they tell Jim that he will be able to do anything he was able to do
before the surgery. That's good news.

As for the buzz on the bourse, several people talked about attending
the large FUN show in Orlando.

Officially, the FUN coin show runs from January 10 through 13.

But, some people wanted to go a couple of days early for other
Orlando fun or for pre-show deals with other dealers. 
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from January 2013

Happy New Year and thank you to all of the visitors and to all of the coin dealers at the first
Greater Atlanta Coin Show of 2013 as we begin our 26th year. Thank you, as well, to Gary for
providing coin show security in Jim's absence.

The first show of the new year saw overcast skies and cool temperatures in the 40s after rain
the night before. Just a typical January day without being too cold.

Of course, the day was a great day to visit a coin show. The bourse wasn't quite as busy as
the pre-gift-giving-holiday shows, but it still enjoyed good traffic.

There were new faces visiting the coin show - welcome and we're glad you came.

The "regulars," coin dealers and visitors alike, wanted to hear about Jim and learn how he's
doing. Gary updated everyone, and Jim even called to see how the show was progressing.

Side note... On Friday, less than a week later, Jim did so well with rehab, they let him go home
to continue recuperating. In another couple of weeks, he will be measured for a new leg.
Psychologists can have fun explaining that behavior.

A mixture of every-coin-show coin dealers, semi-regular coin dealers and
a few infrequent coin dealers filled the coin show bourse.

The dealers filled their showcases with a broad variety of coins, currency
and bullion along with some jewelry, collectible watches and gemstones.

The coins range from old and rare to modern collectibles. The old and
rare include ancient coins, foreign coins and colonial to early US Mint
issued coins. The old and rare include coins of copper, silver and gold
plus other metals too.

Their modern counterparts include modern issue proof and uncirculated
clad, silver and gold coins. The modern coins also include the American
Eagles plus the comparable collectibles from other countries, for
example, Britannias, Krugerrands, Pandas, etc.

Each month, the coin show provides several coin dealers with a wide
variety of collectibles to pique the interest of the visitors to the show.
There's a good chance to find a specific coin to add to a collection.
There are also many intriguing collectibles to browse and have fun
viewing and discussing.

The coin show and its dealers may even intrigue the novice or
experienced numismatist with a new interest or two or three. And, for
those who have never been to a coin show, the bourse offers many
interesting items each month.
Mark your calendar and make plans to visit the second Greater Atlanta Coin Show of the new year on Sunday,
February 10, 2013 to buy, sell and browse the wide variety of numismatic and collectible items.