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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2017, our 30th year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Silver Charts

The silver's 2016 peak value occurred in August. After a bounce
upward in November, the values fell back in December and have
enjoyed slight increases in early 2017.

Let's look at the New York closing market prices on the last trading
day before the April 2017 coin show:
Silver prices bounced up and down in the past year,
some more dramatic than others.

For the year-over-year comparison, the silver market
price from the April 2016 coin show to the April 2017
coin show increased by $3.06 or 20.2%.

Comparatively, silver increased by $1.33 or 7.9% from
the March show to the April show. (London market

Throughout the coin show's years starting in 1988,
silver's price dramatically changed.
The New York market closed at $17.96 on the Friday before the April
show, while the London market closed at $18.22.

Take a look at this chart of the silver prices for April 2016 through
April 2017 (London Market values).

Each of these values reflect the prices on the Friday just prior to the
monthly coin shows.
Through the coin show years, silver prices fluctuated from a
low of just over $3.50 per ounce to the high value of over
$48 in April 2011.

Silver's market values frequently bounce up and down in
today's environment.

The charts have been updated to include through Friday,
April 7, 2017.

These charts do not reflect the silver bullion volatility
occurring on other dates.

This chart shows the silver prices from the London Fix
numbers just prior to each Sunday show through all the coin
show years, 1988-to-date.
The numbers for the silver prices in the charts above were pulled from Kitco's historical silver data using London Fix
values. Click on historical silver information to go to Kitco's much more detailed data and charts.

Their site provides much more detail of the daily values through these years rather than just the days before coin
shows and the singular high and low points as shown in the above silver charts.
Silver New York closing values on the Friday before the coin show
Silver closing values on the Friday before the coin show for the last year
Silver closing values on the Friday before the coin show for all the show years