The picture was framed along with the patch Barney wore on his
Mayberry uniform. The framed treasure also included another picture
of the autograph session with Mr. Knotts, a certificate of authenticity
and the sequence number of that particular picture during the

Interestingly, Jim got to meet Mr. Knotts when he visited Atlanta
several years ago. In addition to being a wonderful comedic actor,
Mr. Knotts was a good person to meet in the day-to-day world.

Unfortunately, the meeting was prior to the ubiquitous camera phone,
thus Jim did not have a camera handy to get his picture taken with Mr.
Knotts. With Jim on duty and in uniform, the picture would have been
a great one. But, now Jim can revisit the memory with his framed
picture of an autographed Deputy Barney Fife.
As for coins, the coin show bourse was very busy not only with the many visitors but also with the new and different
numismatics on display.

Of course, gold continues to be very active. One dealer proudly showed off his small hoard of certified proof gold
Buffalos. American Buffalo gold coins are prized for their .9999 fine (24-karat) gold and are difficult to find. These, in
their certified holders, were MS 69s and 70s. For the right amount, one or more could be yours.

Another dealer also had a rare buffalo but of a different type. He had a gorgeous 1915 matte proof Buffalo nickel. Matte
proof coins, unlike today's mirror-like proof coins, have a grainy appearance and were produced by the US Mint from
1913-1916. Per population numbers, the Mint struck only 1050 of the 1915 matte proof Buffalo nickel coins. Of that
1050 population number, some may have been lost, some may have moved into circulation (i.e., spent) and some may
have been destroyed in the last 95 years. Regardless, the 1915 matte proof Buffalo nickel is a rare and beautiful piece
of numismatic history.

Now back to the future, the new 2010 shield pennies were available on the bourse. It's fun to see the new designs in
reality rather than just an image on a computer screen.

In the gold arena again, dealers displayed a number of certified Dahlonega gold coins in their cases.

Not to be dismissed, silver remains a popular precious metal as well. In fact, in certain discussions, silver is said to be
undervalued and is expected to increase more and more with the economy in chaos as it is, in general, today. In that
vein, dealers offered a number of 100 ounce silver bars along with the many numismatic silver coins on display.

Several of our dealers also offer foreign currency and coins for their beauty and collectible qualities. Many new
specimens were available to peak guests' interest.

With the new 2011 Red Book hot off the printing presses, our supplies dealer was busy selling red books and other
numismatic supplies.

Whew, a beautiful and busy day at the Greater Atlanta Coin Show!

Until next time, we look forward to seeing you at our next show, Sunday, May 23, 2010!

Springtime in Atlanta...what a gorgeous day and what a great coin show!

The sun shone brightly on the dogwoods and azaleas in bloom, the young, spring-green
leaves on trees and the many spring flowers around every corner. Pleasant temperatures
in the 70s, maybe even 80s, welcomed people outside. Many people visited with us at the
coin show as they enjoyed the beautiful day.

And, a big welcome and thank you to the many people who visited us in the Holiday Inn
Select's newly remodeled ballroom.

People commented on how the new wallpaper and new carpet made the room seem

With the coin show in the ballroom and the North Atlanta Sports Collectibles show in the
atrium, guests enjoyed browsing among the dealers' tables at both shows.

In addition to sports memorabilia, the sports collectibles dealers have celebrity pictures
and autographs. Do you remember Deputy Barney Fife of Mayberry on The Andy Griffith
Show? Jim Sherrill, who provides the coin show's security, found a wonderful autographed
picture of Don Knotts as Deputy Barney Fife.
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