Okay, we knew the May coin show would be a good show, but admittedly, we expected lighter traffic due to the gorgeous day. Instead, we were pleasantly surprised by the busy number of people who came to the show.

That requires a huge THANK YOU to everyone at the May coin show - visitors and coin dealers alike.

Plus, we want to add another huge THANK YOU for the people, again visitors and coin dealers, that travel long distances to come to the show. Some drive six hours or more to attend. That's amazingly wonderful and appreciated.

Of course, we can't forget our thank yous to the hotel staff and to our security. Their efforts help make the show a success each month.

Our Sunday show occurred on a beautiful spring day with a clear blue sky and a temperature rising into the mid-80s teasing us with some of the heat of the upcoming summer months.

As mentioned, the bourse enjoyed a lot of traffic with many new faces coming to the show - welcome and we're glad you came.
The buzz on the bourse included interest in the new baseball coins. Several of the new convex/concave coins traded ownership at the show.

One reason for the popularity is that the US Mint has sold out of the silver dollar and the $5 gold coins in both proof and uncirculated versions.

At this time, the half, which has the same design but will be a cupro-nickel coin, is still available and will ship on 6/21/2014.

Now while dollar and $5 coins are still popular and in demand, the market prices for those coins are higher than the US Mint's original sales prices.
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Coin Show

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from May 2014

The more rare the oddity, the more valuable the coin can be depending on its overall condition.

Several numismatists enjoy the hunt for these types of treasures, and there's even a book - The Cherrypicker's Guide.

It includes descriptions and pictures of many of the different varieties.

That book is written by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton, two people that can be seen at the monthly coin show occasionally.

Have fun looking for your favorite treasures.
If you are an individual willing to sell your baseball coin treasure that means a quick profit.

And, if you are a dealer who ordered the coins from the Mint, that means your bet paid off and you can make profit.

Unfortunately, not all US Mint products are popular, and some purchases decrease in value immediately.

Obviously, this is not the case with the baseball coins. Will the non-precious metal half dollar be quite as popular?

And, will the baseball dollars be as sought after once all of the orders have been shipped from the US Mint and the passage of time has dulled the desire for the unique design?
Sunday's coin show also saw bags of silver trading ownership. Some were dealer to dealer for stocking supplies at shops. Other purchases were between dealers and individuals.

The best silver purchase would be to buy low and sell high at a later date.

Currently, silver prices are less than half their values in April 2011. Will they rise, when will they rise and will they get that high again in the near future?

Regardless of how confident their predictions may be, everyone's crystal ball is cloudy on what the silver market will do and when.

The bourse also saw collectible books filled, or partially filled, with nickels, quarters and wheat cents trade ownership at Sunday's show.

Just think, some of these were filled from pocket change years ago when silver quarters and wheat cents could readily be found in circulation.

Still, though, filling those books took lots of time and dedication of a true collector.

One of our recent facebook stories highlighted Buddy Ebsen  and his comments about coin collecting and the history. He said, "... you think of all the people who touched it over the years."
When you see books filled with coins you have to wonder about the person who built the collection and the fun they must have had.

First, they would fill the spaces with the easy-to-find coins. Then, just think of their excitement when they found a difficult coin to fill one of the remaining round spaces in their book.

The bourse also enjoyed some cherrypickers - those folks looking for the oddities associated with coins.  Some of these oddities include doubled-die, different lettering, accented hair varieties just to name a few.
Mark your calendar and make plans to visit the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, June 8, 2014 with its coin dealers and their showcases filled with coins, currency, jewelry and other collectibles.
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