As always, we appreciate and send thanks to all of you who joined us at the September
Greater Atlanta Coin Show.

We also want to thank our dealers, our security and the hotel staff.

Also, a special thank you goes to those road warrior dealers that drove from the Jacksonville
show to set up at our show.

The September coin show saw many people browsing, buying, selling and trading with the
dealers on the bourse.

As for the weather, the sunny day had temperatures in the low 70s, and with the lower humidity,
the sky was a beautiful clear blue.

This month's coin show showcased many special items.

Let's list a few...

First, dealers displayed several certified paper notes with authentication, grades and
identification on their special holders.
Even though the show is called a "coin show," it is really a
numismatics and collectibles show.

Merriam-Webster defines numismatics as the study or act of
collecting of coins, paper money, and medals.

Each month several of our dealers offer various types of paper
currency, financial documents (such as, stock certificates) and other

For another interesting example on the bourse, a dealer displayed a
Cincinnati Music Center PDS Set in its original holder.

Those coins in their original holder can be quite rare.

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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from September 2015

Of course, many of the "found" 1964 proof sets with the "Accented Hair" have been cut apart and the coins certified.

It would be interesting to know how many existed in the first place.

This one certainly demonstrates that they can still be found, and because they can, their premium over a regular set is not that great. In other words, a collector won't get rich finding "Accented Hair" proof sets.

But, it is the treasure hunt and the finding of the different variety that satisfies the collector.

The next examples from the coin show happen to showcase how the certification process can vary.

Let's look at a 2012 American Silver Eagle-actually, several of them.
This picture shows a Philadelphia ("P") version of the 1936 Cincinnati Music Center Commemorative Silver Half Dollar Coin.
There are actually two things that differentiate the "Accented Hair" variety.

First, and obviously by the name, the hair over his ear is cut deeper and almost looks like a wishbone.

Second, the lower left serif on the "I" in LIBERTY is missing.

In total, the US Mint produced 3,950,762 (per the Red Book) 1964 Proof sets.

In their book, Mr. Gale and Mr. Guth did not explain how they determined "30 times as rare."

Does that mean there are 131,692 "Accented Hair" 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar coins? (Simply divided the population by 30.)

Or, did they mean something else?

The certification labels on each coin's protective holder also include "First Strike" and "75th
Anniversary SF Mint Set."

And, this "regular" proof is also graded "Deep Cameo" but as a Proof 69 with the reverse
proof also a Proof 69.

With the second two coins in separate holders, they will at some point be separated as they
journey from collector to investor to collector...etc.

The combined holder for the first two coins keeps the two coins from the US Mint's collectible
set together. They may not find as many interested collectors or investors on their future
journey, however as a Proof 70, they will still generate plenty of interest.
The September bourse and its dealers offered many more coins, bullion, currency and collectibles to pique the
interest of the visitors.

Next month, the bourse will again be full with the dealers displaying similar items along with newly found collectibles
they obtain between the monthly shows.

Visitors are welcome to browse, buy, sell and trade coins, bullion, currency and related collectibles with the dealers at
the Greater Atlanta Coin Show.

Mark your calendars for the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, October 11, 2015 in the Joe Mack Wilson
Cincinnati Music Center Commemorative Silver Half Dollar Coin
Now, imagine three of those in one set as it was offered
by the US Mint in 1936.

Originally, the Mint only distributed the coins in the three-
coin set that sold for $7.75.

Just think, this set survived 79 years without someone
breaking the set and selling the coins separately or
perhaps having them certified in special holders.

The coin shown is in a PCGS holder graded as MS64,
but sadly, it has long lost its companion coins from
Denver and San Francisco.
Next on the highlight list is a 1964 proof set, but this set is different, not unique, but different from most of the 1964

This particular proof set had one of the proof Kennedy half dollar coins with the accented hair.

In their book, United States Proof Sets and Mint Sets, Ron Guth and Bill Gale noted for the 1964 proof set:

"Some Proof 1964 Half Dollars are found with what is known as 'Accented Hair' where the hair on Kennedy's head
is more heavily defined. The 'Accented Hair' variety appears to be thirty times as rare as the normal hair proofs."

Oddly, the Red Book does not identify an "Accented Hair" proof set, however they do list a "Heavily Accented Hair"
coin variety under the Kennedy half dollars for 1964.

So, what does an "Accented Hair" proof coin look like?
First, here's a side-by-side comparison. Can you spot the differences?
1964 proof Kennedy Half Dollar Coin comparison accented versus regular hair
10% off
10% off
Here's another view with the differences highlighted:
1964 Kennedy half dollar coin comparison with accented hair noted
These first two examples illustrate how the certification process can place two related coins in the same protective holder.

These coins were both graded Proof 70 with the one on the left additionally graded as "deep cameo."

The left coin is a "regular" proof and the right is the companion "reverse" proof coin.

2012 American Eagle Silver coins obverse certified Proof 70
2012 American Eagle Silver coins reverse certified proof 70
This first picture shows their obverse:
The second picture presents their reverse:
The certification labels on the one holder for these two coins include "First Strike" and "75th Anniversary SF Mint
Set" for additional identification.

Comparatively, here are two more of the 2012 American Eagle Silver proof coins, also certified but in separate

Again, the one on the left is the "regular" proof with the one on the right being the "reverse" proof coin.
This picture shows their obverse:
2012 American Eagle Silver coins obverse certified proof 69
2012 American Eagle Silver proof coins reverse certified proof 69
The next picture shows their reverse: