Thank you.

Thank you one and all for making the December 2012 Greater Atlanta Coin Show a wonderful
event. This December show closed out the 25th year of shows and commemorated the 300th
monthly coin show.

Thank you to the hotel staff, to all the coin dealers, to Jim - our security, and especially to all
the people who visited this coin show and all of the coin shows through the years.

All of you contribute to the success of the coin show, and each one is appreciated.

Even in the south, we don't expect temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s in December.
But, the Sunday show enjoyed mild temperatures in an overcast day with a light mist in the
early morning. The sun even made an appearance, briefly, throughout the afternoon.

Historically, the December coin show is a very busy show, but the foot traffic slows by early
afternoon. Not this year. The show started busy and stayed busy until late in the day.
Visitors to the show continue to be interested in real silver and
real gold.

The bourse offered several different certified gold Saint
Gaudens for sale. They were a popular item with the visitors

Similarly, people still like the Morgan silver dollars and found a
variety of the early Morgan dollars in the dealers' showcases. In
addition, several dealers offered the somewhat rare GSA
Carson City dollars. These sets included a Morgan dollar in its
special holder held in a black GSA box along with a certificate
of authenticity.

For people who prefer bullion, dealers offered gold and silver in
ingots and rounds of various sizes.

Other visitors looked for the ever popular American Silver
Eagles and found them in many dealers' showcases.
This coin show saw a lot of new faces - welcome and thank you for
coming to the show. The bourse also included some guest dealers
substituting for those dealers who couldn't attend this month. Plus,
the show enjoyed seeing other visiting dealers walking the bourse
and browsing the many numismatics on display.

Several Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta members were seen
enjoying the collectibles in the dealers' showcases before going to
their Christmas party on Sunday evening.

To commemorate the 300th coin show, gold bags with $1.75 face
value of gold along with two silver pieces were offered to each
attendee. Of course, the gold and silver pieces were foil wrapped
chocolate - not precious metals. (We all wish they were real.)
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from December 2012

As a rarity, the Official Red Book notes the earliest proof set as
1936 with a mintage of less than 4000. One of those found its
way to the show on Sunday.

Though probably searching for more recent years, several
visitors looked for collectible sets - for example, proof and mint
sets - from specific years to give as gifts this holiday season.

On the currency side of numismatics, several people brought
Silver Certificates to sell. Other paper numismatic items could
be found on the bourse as well.

As for the buzz on the bourse, people began talking about
attending the large FUN show in Florida in January. (It's the
week after the Greater Atlanta Coin Show's January Sunday

Probably the biggest buzz heard throughout the day revolved
around what the gold and silver bullion prices will do next. Many
dealers think the metals will increase soon.

Then again, the metals haven't followed historical patterns in
recent months. For example, historically, if the stock market
went down, the metals went up. Conversely, if stocks went up,
then metals went down.

Recent patterns show the stock market and the metals market
going up or going down at the same time.
So many variables drive the markets that accurate predictions are difficult. And, that's an understatement.

All around, we observed people celebrating the season. For example, Sunday's show shared the hotel with people
attending their holiday parties.

Whatever you celebrate, we wish for you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.

Mark your calendar and make plans to visit the first Greater Atlanta Coin Show of the new year on Sunday, January 6,
2013 to buy, sell and browse the wide variety of numismatic and collectible items.
Greater Atlanta Coin Show gift bag with gold and silver