Several guests came to the show to learn more about their coins and the associated value. Some found and collected
old coins out of pocket change over many years. Others inherited coins from relatives. Wisely, they wanted to learn
more about their collections before making any decisions about what to do with the coins. The coin show welcomes
people who want to learn more about coins.

On a different note, many of you know that Georgia exempts coins and bullion from sales tax today. But, with the
economic stresses to Georgia's coffers, the state legislature is reviewing tax exemptions to determine where the state
could gain additional revenue.

As a result, several of the state's major coin dealers have hired a lobbyist to help educate the legislators about the coin
and bullion market and the adverse impact of taxes to the numismatic hobby and investment interests. Using his
background as a lawyer, as a long time coin collector and as an existing lobbyist, the gentleman will apply his
knowledge of the numismatic issues and the day-to-day legislative processes to the legislators' challenge of the coin
and bullion tax exempt status.

With the convenience of several of the coin dealers in one place, he visited the show on Sunday for a mid-afternoon
meeting with the dealers. He explained what he does as a lobbyist and what he will do to advance the concerns of the
numismatic and investment community regarding the tax exemption. On an ongoing basis, we will share more
information on the blog from time to time.

In the meantime, the February show was a resounding success. Mark your calendars for the next show on Sunday,
March 13, 2011.
Some of the bullion included silver war nickels along with common
silver dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes. But, in addition to the
older silver coins, the bourse had dealers selling the new five ounce,
.999 silver bullion America the Beautiful coins. These large bullion
rounds, affectionately known as "hockey pucks," use the same
obverse and reverse designs as the new America the Beautiful
quarters. At Sunday's show, the America the Beautiful bullion coins
being offered had been certified - some by NGC and some by

Being the day before Valentine's Day, one of our coin dealers offered
a wide variety of jewelry - beautiful rings, earrings and other jewelry. In
addition to being a coin dealer, he makes and sells jewelry. He uses
precious metals and both precious and semi-precious stones to
make beautiful and unique pieces.
Spring is over a month away, yet people visiting February's coin enjoyed a beautiful spring-
like day with sunshine, a clear, blue sky and temperatures into the 60s. This beautiful
weather occurred just a few days after a wintry mix carpeted the area with a light covering
of snow and sleet. Atlanta's weather can certainly be fickle!

As for the coin show, our dealers became very busy by mid-morning and stayed that way
for much of the day. Dealers saw many of our faithful regulars returning to the show, but we
also saw a lot of new faces visiting as well. All are welcome, and we appreciate your
interest in numismatics whether buying, selling, trading or just browsing.

This was our second show at the new location. In January we received good comments
about the new site, and at February's show, we continued to receive more positive
comments about the new venue. People shared that they like both the location and the
space. Thank you for those comments; we appreciate hearing them.

With gold and silver prices increasing, once again many visitors came to sell and to buy
bullion. Two of our dealers focus primarily on bullion, and they stayed busy all day.
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