The September coin show enjoyed cooler, not cold just cooler, temperatures in the upper 70s
and into the low 80s. Most of the day saw overcast skies with some dark and ominous clouds
during midday. But, only a few raindrops fell.

Based on the bourse activity, it was a great day to visit a coin show. During the peak, "wall-to-
wall" people packed the coin show. Both frequent visitors and new faces mingled in the aisles
between the dealers' tables waiting for their turn to view the treasures in the showcases.

Here's a huge Welcome and Thank You to all of the visitors and to all of the dealers that
attended the Greater Atlanta Coin Show's 297th monthly show.

One of this month's dealers gets the greatest-distance-traveled award. Normally, he travels
from Tennessee. This month, he drove from a show in Chicago, roughly a 12-hour drive time.

Another of our regular dealers had a schedule conflict this month. He chose to attend a show
in Las Vegas. Hmmmm...a coin show in Las Vegas...the imagination boggles.
At the end of the day, several dealers summarized the Greater
Atlanta September coin show as "great show" with one even saying,
"best show - ever."

With the precious metals increasing, people visiting the bourse
looked for gold and silver. Once again, several dealers sold out of
their bulk silver coins and their silver bullion.

In the gold charts <Gold-Charts.html> and silver charts <Silver-
Charts.html>, you can see that both of the metals increased
significantly over their values during the August coin show. Gold
increased $173.50, almost 11%, and silver went up $7.46, just over

As the metals increase, more people sell and buy the precious
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from September 2012

The above table provides only a highlight of the variety on the
bourse. Many dealers bring a broad cross-section of
numismatic collectibles each month. The coins and collectibles
also range in condition, from good to excellent, and in price,
from low cost to thousands of dollars.

In other words, the coin show offers a variety to be enjoyed by
people new or curious about numismatics and to the
experienced collector and investor.
Increase your knowledge and visit the variety on the bourse at our next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, October
14, 2012.
books of coins in 2x2
Dahlonega gold
old, rare and high grade
foreign coins
ancient coins
bags of 90% silver coins
rare date, high grade
Morgan dollars
silver eagles, proof and
gold high relief coins
bullion gold and silver
anniversary sets
silver sets
type coins
early high-grade copper
world currency
high-grade certified and
slabbed coins
silver dollars
grab boxes
hand-made jewelry with
semi-precious stones
modern proof sets
commemorative coins
platinum coins
collectible pocket watches
gemstones, raw and
US coins
To that end, the bullion dealers at the coin show remained busy throughout the day. Plus, several people brought
gold and silver to trade for cash.

Other people brought coins collected through years that they wanted to trade. One gentleman had rolls of very nice
- and old - Lincoln cents. A lady brought old nickels including buffalo nickels and v-nickels.

But, a lot of the people visiting the show came to view the items in the dealers' showcases and to buy.

One gentleman, who had budgeted what he would spend for the day, was dismayed to find another coin he wanted
after spending his cash. He had been searching for this coin to add to his collection and didn't know the dealer had
the coin. But, next month's show offers more opportunity.

Let's take a look at some of the types of coins and other collectibles found on the bourse this month: