For the second month in a row, the Greater Atlanta Coin Show experienced a slow morning.
But, the afternoon more than made up for the morning's lag in traffic. People arrived to a busy
bourse packed with dealers and collectibles.

Just guessing, people probably did what they needed to do outside during the cooler morning
hours - with cooler being a relative term in our heat and humidity. That way, they could enjoy
the hot afternoon inside while browsing the bourse in comfortable air conditioned

During the day, thunder in the area teased us with the potential for a cooling summer shower.
But, the day remained hot.

That's okay, we will pull out the memory of this heat on one of those cold winter coin show

For those who like baseball, we shared the convention area with a pro-wood bats conference
this month. Many baseball fans and players alike prefer the wooden bat instead of their metal
It's interesting to note that on July 7, the US Mint posted the total number of orders at 251,302 sets. Today, that statistic
no longer shows in their web site's information about the set.

Several dealers chose not to order the sets. They commented that they believe the US Mint is "killing their Golden
Goose" with their product releases, especially this one.

After awhile, too many "special" releases make collectors lose interest. When that happens, the US Mint has difficulty
selling the sets and the collectibles lose value.

Some dealers think that is happening with the US Mint's 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof

After the sets are produced and delivered, the true population numbers will be interesting.

Granted the set is pretty, but will it retain the purchase price of $149.95?

The set's two coins include two ounces of silver. At today's silver price in the upper $20s, the purchase price is
significantly higher than silver.
Remember the days of holding a good ol' Louisville slugger just
above your shoulder and getting ready for that perfect pitch?

As for coins, the dealers spent time discussing their views on the
2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set.
Just days before the July coin show, the US Mint turned off their
ordering system for the special collectible set at 5pm on the 5th.

And, remember, just before the June coin show, the ordering
process opened for the two-coin sets. Last month, people
discussed the pros and cons of buying the sets.

This month, people speculated on whether these sets will retain their
purchase value. With the long delivery schedule, several dealers
expect a lot of order cancellations if the sets do not retain their value
in the initial couple of months.
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Coin Show
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2018, our 31st year of monthly coin shows

Coin Show - Monthly Notes from July 2012

With the time and effort to strike and package the coins, the US
Mint's cost is more than silver, but is the set worth that much

Furthermore, will the two-coin set retain its purchase price and
increase in value?

The skeptics may be right on this one. Time and collector
interest will tell.

Back to the bourse. This month saw a lot of gold action - buying
and selling.

People brought groups of collectibles for dealer valuation and
potential purchase. One group included some shipwrecked gold

Dealers also continue to display and offer a variety of
Dahlonega gold coins.

First spouse gold coins were also offered for sale.

Not to be outshone, silver remains a part of the bourse as well.
One dealer offered 100-ounce bars of silver in his showcases.

Though we call this a "coin show," numismatics includes the
study of money whether coins or currency.

Several dealers displayed a variety of paper money in its
protective sleeves. These displays included both US and foreign
collectible currencies.
Have you noticed? People with the true collector gene in their DNA cannot collect just one type of things such as

For the people interested in unique time pieces, a couple of our dealers display and offer collectible pocket watches.

Due to some of our regular dealers having scheduling conflicts, we've invited a few guest dealers to the coin show. We
welcome them and appreciate their joining the coin show.

We hope you enjoy seeing the different coins, currencies and other collectibles they bring to the coin show.

The July coin show puts us into the second half of the year and was the 295th monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Show.

We are counting up to the 300th monthly coin show milestone in December. We're planning a celebration - stay tuned for

Think about working on your numismatic value and plan to attend the next Greater Atlanta Coin Show on Sunday, August
5, 2012.