Did you know that the Mexican 50 Pesos gold coin is more than one troy ounce? In fact it contains 1.2057 troy ounces of gold.

But, for the 20 pesos gold coin, the mint date makes a difference. If minted between 1866 and 1905, the gold content weighs .952 troy ounces. Whereas, a 20 pesos gold coin minted between 1917 and 1959 contains .4823 troy ounces of gold.

Depending on the grade of the gold coins, they could sell based on melt value of gold or they could sell based on their collectible mint state.

Slabbed proof state coins can be more valuable depending on the supply and demand for the particular gold coin. For example, high grade Dahlonega gold will be more valuable than melt.

The show kept everyone busy throughout the day. We appreciate all of our dealers and all of our guests who come to the shows whether they return month after month or only make it to a few shows throughout the year. Thank you all!

We wish for you and yours Happy Holidays with a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our next show is January 17, 2010. We look forward to seeing you in the new year.

One young gentleman proudly showed off his just completed P&D state quarter set. And, he should be proud of his accomplishment.

Some people came to the show looking for collector coins such as slabbed mercury dimes.

Of course, dealers brought gold to sell, and many sold their supply, too.

Gold on the floor ranged from American Liberty coins to Mexican Pesos - 50 and 20 - along with Koronas from Hungary and Koruners from Czechoslovakia.
Our show Sunday was a rainy day in Georgia which made us shiver more than we should have with the moderate, mid-40s temperatures.

But the wet and mildly cold weather did not stop our dealers or our guests. We still had a great show!

In the spirit of the season, the Holiday Inn Select decked their halls and lobby with Christmas trees, garlands and ornaments for guests to enjoy along with the show.

Several of our regular dealers became weekend road warriors. They left the Gallatin TN two-day show Saturday afternoon and made it to Atlanta for our Sunday show.

Many dealers even came early, as they normally do, to set up and be ready for the general admission at 9 am.

Once again, we had lots of visitors to the show. Plus, the bourse entertained many young people throughout the day.
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