The reverse of the dollar includes the last words of Lincoln's Gettysburg address:

      "we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain-that this nation, under God,
       shall have a new birth of freedom-and that government: of the people, by the people, for the
       people, shall not perish from the earth."

In his short but moving speech that day, Lincoln recognized the slain soldiers' efforts. Lincoln's words transcend time and remind everyone that freedom is not free nor is it easy.

Back to the bourse, dealers had a large variety of Morgan dollars on display and for sale. These older dollars become more rare as the worn versions become melted for silver.

As for new US Mint items, a few - not many - 2009 Silver sets were available. These sets are not widely traded among the dealers yet.

Of course, our dealers offer a variety of collectibles such as foreign and ancient coins and world currencies in addition to the rare, collectible and investment domestic coins and currencies.

Enjoy your holiday season with kindness and goodwill and come visit us at the next show: Sunday, December 13.

Knowing the interest in gold, dealers brought gold to sell. One dealer brought 30 ounces and sold out. He's eager to buy more but says that gold is easier to sell than to buy.

Both raw and certified gold was available on the floor in investment grade and collectible grades.

Continuing with the year of Lincoln, the newly released Lincoln Coin and Chronicle set was available on the bourse.

This beautiful set includes proof versions of the four pennies highlighting the four stages of Lincoln's life along with the silver commemorative dollar.
Can you believe it? Mid-November and temperatures in the mid-70s with blue skies and bright sunshine. Just a gorgeous day.

Sometimes bright, pretty days mean people find other things to enjoy outside rather than come to an inside event such as a coin show. Not this day - the show was packed with wall to wall people.

We saw a lot of new faces this month - we're glad you came.

Our thanks go to all of the people who joined us at the show - our dealers, our regulars and our new visitors.

Plus, the North Atlanta Sports Collectibles show was also held at the Holiday Inn. We shared cross traffic between the two shows. We hope you enjoyed visiting the various dealers among both shows.

Once again, gold was both a hot topic and a hot item on the bourse floor. Some guests brought gold to sell and some guests came to buy gold. Not to be outdone, silver was selling as well.
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