On a different note, the hotel enjoyed a lot of guests over the weekend as their parking areas attested early Sunday
morning. There was plenty of parking for coin show guests, but the hotel's other business was busy too.

Prior to the afternoon's stormy weather, guests could be seen on the tennis courts and on the golf course. Though, we
don't know if they finished their tennis matches or their golf games before the downpour.

At midday, dealers and guests, alike, enjoyed lunch from The Pub, one of the hotel's restaurants. The restaurant sends a
lady to the coin show's bourse with menus for anyone interested in ordering lunch. She is very good at her task. She
takes a few orders, goes back to the restaurant to bring those meals and obtain payment before taking the next set of
orders. Her approach insures each meal is served hot and fresh. Many people agree that The Pub provides good food
and good service for those who want lunch.

On another coin note, we learned from one of the Board of Directors of the Georgia Numismatic Association that the
ANA (American Numismatic Association) plans to hold a coin show in Atlanta in October of 2013. This show will be in
addition to their main show that is already scheduled for August 2013 in Chicago. Plans are still being finalized, and the
ANA has not added the Atlanta show to their web site's future conventions list yet.

In summary, the June coin show enjoyed a busy morning and a slower afternoon due to the weather. The bourse was
filled with dealers who provided a variety of coins, currency and bullion in their showcases for all of the guests to browse,
buy or trade. Plus, several dealers also appraised and bought bullion and collectibles from guests who wanted to sell.

For next month, which will probably be hot as Atlanta in July always is, make your plans to visit the cool coin show on
Sunday, July 10, 2011. The show will be upstairs in the Joe Mack Wilson Ballroom.
For fun and interest, we maintain charts showing how the gold and
silver prices have changed through the coin show years. The charts
show both original values and values adjusted for inflation over the
time span.

It's amazing what the markets have done over the last 23+ years.
Even with inflation adjustments, the metals grew in value.

Interestingly, several people at the coin show discussed the outlook
for silver over the next few months with a broad range of opinions.
Some think silver will drop to the $20 per troy ounce range. Others
expect both gold and silver to continue their increases with silver
reaching the $70 to $100 range.
What happened to spring? The calendar may not recognize summer yet, but the
temperatures and the humidity say, "summertime in Atlanta." The June coin show saw
temperatures in the 90s, though the heavy downpour in the afternoon cooled the
temperatures somewhat and increased the humidity a lot.

The coin show's bourse started slow at the open, then people began arriving to make it
busy by mid morning. But, perhaps people watched the weather and saw the frog choker
moving into the area. By mid-afternoon, the bourse became less busy.

Plus, several people - dealers and guests - commented on their difficulty navigating the
road construction zones in the metro area. We appreciate all of you who made the morning
very busy, and we understand the road construction and drenching downpour prevented
some guests from attending this month. We hope you visit again in July.

Between the economic situation and the precious metals' markets, people came to the
show interested in silver and gold, but this month the focus was more on silver. Some
people came to sell; others came to buy.
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