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Coins - 1996 Prestige Set Certificate of Authenticity and Coin Specifications

The US Mint printed the Certificate of Authenticity for the 1996 Prestige Set on cream colored paper using red, black and gray ink.

The paper is slightly smaller than a regular page of 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Information is printed on both sides with the paper folded in half before being added to the Prestige Set package.

The front of the certificate shows the heraldic eagle in red print underneath "Certificate of Authenticity."

At the bottom, the commemmorative coins are recognized with the inscription "U.S Olympic Coins of the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games" above "1996 Prestige Set." 

1996 Prestige Set certificate front

On the back of the folded certificate, the Mint recognized the artists who designed the obverse and reverse of both commemorative Olympic coins. 

1996 Prestige Set certificate back

The information says:


The Artists Behind the 1996 Prestige Set

Clint Hansen
Clad Obverse – Basketball (side note, the certificate says "Basketball" but should say "Soccer." The coin specifications correctly say "soccer." )
Mr. Hansen is a commercial artist and designer. He freelances from Audubon, Iowa, preparing scratchboard illustrations for corporations nationwide.

Thomas D. Rogers, Sr.
Silver Reverse – Atlanta Logo
Mr. Rogers' medallic sculpture career has spanned two decades. Since joining the U.S. Mint in 1991, his designs have appeared on the reverse of the Columbus Quincentenary Silver Dollar and Five Dollar Coins and the obverse and reverse of the World War II Commemorative Silver Dollar.

Malcolm Farley
Clad Reverse – Atlanta Logo
A first-time designer for the United States Mint, Mr. Farley has created illustrations for companies throughout the United States and Europe, including the signature eagle for Bank of America. Mr. Farley is a native of Colorado and graduated from Metropolitan State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1982.

Bart Forbes
Silver Obverse – Rowing
A freelance artist from Dallas, Texas, Mr. Forbes' commissions have included more than 20 United States postage stamps, and posters for the United States Olympic Committee and the 1992 Americas Cup. Mr. Forbes is a graduate of the University of North Carolina.


Unfolded, the inside of the certificate provides a message from the Director of the Mint and details the coins' specifications - the commemoratives and the standard proof coins. 

Not always, but generally, the San Francisco Mint strikes most of the proof coins, however note that the commemorative silver proof dollar for rowing and the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympics was minted in Philadelphia.

1996 Prestige Set certificate of authenticity

The content includes:


U.S. Olympic Coins of the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games
Certificate of Authenticity
1996 Prestige Set

The undersigned hereby certifies these coins as genuine U.S. Olympic Coins of the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games, struck in accordance with legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President on October 6, 1992, as Public Law 102-390. These historic collectibles are produced by the United States Mint and are specially designed and created to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Modern Olympic Games.

Philip N. Kiehl, Director, United States Mint

1996 Silver One Dollar Design
Obverse Design: Rowing
Reverse Design: Atlanta Logo
Designer Obverse: Bart Forbes
Designer Reverse: Thomas D. Rogers, Sr.
Mint: Philadelphia
Condition: Proof
Weight: 26.730 ± 0.400 gram
Diameter: 38.10mm ±0.08mm
Composition: 90% Silver (0.76 fine troy oz.), 10% Copper

1996 Clad Half Dollar Design
Obverse Design: Soccer
Reverse Design: Atlanta Logo
Designer Obverse: Clint Hansen
Designer Reverse: Malcolm Farley
Mint: San Francisco
Condition: Proof
Weight: 11.340 grams ± 0.45 gram
Diameter: 30.61 mm ±0.08 mm
Composition: Cupronickel clad 92% Copper, 8% Nickel

Specifications for Authentic 1996 Proof Coins

 Denomination  Cent Nickel Dime  Quarter  Half Dollar







Designed by

  V.D. Brenner

  Felix Schlag

  John R. Sinnock




 Lincoln Memorial


Olive Branch,
Oak Branch

Heraldic Eagle

Heraldic Eagle

Designed by

 Felix Schlag

 John R. Sinnock

John Flanagan

Frank Gasparro


Copper-plated Zinc
2.5% copper Balance zinc

25% nickel, Balance copper

Cupronickel clad on copper
8.33% nickel, Balance copper

Cupronickel clad on copper
8.33% nickel, Balance copper

Cupronickel clad on copper
8.33% nickel, Balance copper


 2.500 grams

5.000 grams

2.268 grams

5.670 grams

11.340 grams


 0.750 in
19.05 mm

 0.835 in
21.21 mm

 0.705 in
17.91 mm

0.955 in
24.26 mm

1.205 in
30.61 mm







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