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     2016, our 29th year
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Coin Shows - More Location Pictures

The Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center offers abundant space for the coin shows, but it also provides accommodations, amenities and history. You can find a photo tour on their web site that shows off their beautiful property.

Click here: Location & Directions for details about the show's location along with directions and a map.

In the meantime, we took a few snapshots of our own.

Coins provide a wealth of history and so does our new coin shows hotel. This historical marker near the front of the property identifies the site as being the previous home of the Georgia Military Institute. The marker can be found near an entrance to the Brumby Hall and Gardens.

Georgia Military Institute Historical Marker on the property in front of the coin shows hotel

While on a visit to the coin shows, take a few minutes to visit another historic part of the property. Adjacent to the right parking area from the main entrance, follow the walkway through the trees to find Brumby Hall. (Suggestion: don't walk the grounds carrying valuable coins.)

front view of historic Brumby Hall as part of the coin shows hotel

To the left of the front entrance is a plaque about the property's historical significance.

Brumby Hall historic plaque

This side view shows more of the home's Greek Revival style.

Brumby Hall side view

Just down from the coin shows near the front lobby, a cannon resides in front of murals which visualize the area in the 1850s. Visitors to the coin shows view the cannon and the murals to remember the military significance of the site.

cannon and mural between the coin shows in the conference center and the hotel's main lobby

The coin shows' dealers and guests obtain lunch from the hotel's restaurant, The Pub, located on the other side of the Main Lobby.

Entrance to The Pub, the hotel's restaurant providing lunch for the coin shows guests and coin dealers

Immediately behind the hotel, the Marietta City Club's 18-hole golf course opens to the surrounding vistas.

Overlooking the golf course

For a trip into history, art and food, the historic Marietta Square is located nearby as well. With lots to do at the coin show, the historic grounds and the nearby Square, we hope to see you at all of the coin shows in 2011!

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