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Coins - Days of Our Coins Volume I

Coins and history go together like shoes and socks with dates and details adding color and texture.

Days of Our Coins Volume I includes 366 images, one for each day of the year, with an historical anecdote relating to the specific coin and date.
Days of Our Coins February 27 with three-cent silver trime
Days of Our Coins September 17 with Battle of Antietam Silver Half Dollar
Days of Our Coins May 17 with Thomas Alva Edison Silver Dollar
The first example from February 27 shows an obverse view of the "fish scale" otherwise known as the Three Cent Silver Trime Coin:
Next, on September 17, the Burnside Bridge is on the reverse of the Battle of Antietam commemorative silver half dollar coin:
On May 17, a more modern coin, the Thomas Alva Edison Silver Commemorative Dollar, shows his invention of the incandescent light bulb on the reverse:
These pages give a sneak peak into the book's content. The other 363 pages provide unique images and historical anecdotes for over 200 distinctly different coins using obverse (heads) and reverse (tails) images.

The US Mint through the years has produced a wide variety of coins with each providing an interesting and intriguing design on both the obverse and reverse of the coin.

Days of Our Coins Volume I presents the coins with a bit of history to add more fascination to the already attractive small and round collectible coins.
You can find our book, Days of Our Coins Volume I, on the Amazon Kindle platform.

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As a teaser, here are a few pages.

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Days of Our Coins Volume I cover