The January 2021 Greater Atlanta Coin Show began the new year in the renovated Joe Mack Wilson ballroom with many guests visiting the bourse filled with coins and other collectibles on display.

Review the January 2021 Show Notes page for a few highlights from the last show of the year.

Of course, we always appreciate our visitors, our dealers, our security and the hotel's staff for helping make the show a fun and interesting place to spend a few hours each month. 

Everyone is welcome, whether new to the collecting hobby, experienced numismatists familiar with the bourse, or just someone curious about a coin show.

You are also welcome whether you want to buy, sell, trade, obtain a free verbal appraisal or just have fun viewing the displays and talking with others at the show.

Take a look at our Show Notes pages for glimpses into past shows.

Visit the Show Dates page for a schedule of all the upcoming monthly shows.
Greater Atlanta Coin Show
2021, our 34th year of monthly coin shows
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Monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Shows

- Welcome

The Next Monthly Coin Show

         When:     Sunday, February 14, 2021
         Where:   Hamilton Restaurant
         Time:      9 am - 5 pm
Admission is FREE
The coin show hosts 35+ tables with the coin dealers at the tables representing a wide variety of interests. You can find collectible and investment coins, currency and bullion - gold, silver or platinum - along with jewelry and collecting supplies. The coin show offers you access to several coin dealers and coin shops all in one place.

Each month, visitors can view and buy from the displays of coins, currency and bullion found among the many showcases provided by the coin dealers on the bourse.

Come early to the coin show to visit your favorite dealers! The bourse hours are 9am - 5pm. However, late comers will find that several coin dealers choose to leave before 5.
Reminder:  No Sales Tax on coins or bullion in Georgia
Coin Show Tip: Many coin dealers work with CASH ONLY, not credit cards, not debit cards, not checks.
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Coin Show
If you want to know the current value of your collectible coins, currency or precious metals (for example, bullion silver, gold and platinum), the experienced coin dealers can examine and provide free verbal appraisals during the coin show.

The coin dealers also purchase coins, currency and bullion collections from attendees. With the immediate competition with the other dealers in the room, they make their best offer given the current market conditions.

The coin show with its many coin dealers provides you the ability to compare the dealers' offers all at one place whether you are buying or selling coins, currency and bullion.

Based on their offers in the current market, you can choose to sell or to keep your valuables.

Located in Atlanta, the coin show is an easy drive for friends and nearby neighbors from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

Of course, if you hail from another state, territory or country and are in the area, stop by, you are certainly welcome, too.
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For informational fun, this chart shows the metals' values when the New York Market closed on the last trading day before the recent coin show date.
The next monthly coin show will be Sunday, February 14, 2021, at the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel and Conference Center. The show will be in the recently renovated Hamilton Restaurant.

IMPORTANT: Due to the continuing COVID-19 virus issues, masks WILL BE REQUIRED to enter the show.

Should the virus situation impact the show, we will announce any schedule changes here on the web site, via the show's recorded message (770-772-4359) and with our email newsletter.

Mark your calendar and make plans to join us.
All metals New York closing values on the Friday before the coin show
Upstate South Carolina show CANCELLED


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