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     2016, our 29th year
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Welcome to the Monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Shows!

Starting the New Year off right, people visited the first Greater Atlanta Coin Show of 2016 on Sunday, January 3rd.

Visitors found the bourse filled with dealers and their showcases packed with numismatics and other collectibles.

Thank you — one and all — for making the first monthly coin show of 2016 a fun and busy place to be.

Each month, the coin show welcomes everyone, whether new to the collecting hobby, experienced numismatists familiar with the bourse or just someone curious about a coin show.

You are also welcome whether you are buying, selling, trading or just having fun browsing the displays and talking with others at the show.

The next monthly coin show is Sunday, February 14, 2016 in the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom in the main level conference area of the hotel.

The coin show is open from 9 am - 5 pm. Admission is FREE.

The monthly coin show's location is the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center located at 500 Powder Springs Street just south of the historic Marietta Square in Marietta, Georgia. [GPS coordinates:  33.9436481, -84.55156]

Take a look at the coin show's January 2016 Notes for highlights from the recent show and the 2015 Notes for links to the summaries of the 2015 coin shows.

Visit the Show Notes page for links to commentaries about shows from earlier years, back to 2008. 

Each month, visitors can view and buy from the displays of coins, currency and bullion found among the many showcases provided by the coin dealers on the bourse.

The coin dealers also purchase coins, currency and bullion collections from attendees. They offer their best competitive prices given the current market conditions.

The Greater Atlanta Coin Show welcomes both new and experienced collectors of coins and currency along with new and experienced investors of coins and bullion metals - gold, silver and platinum - as well. And, admission is always free.

If you are just curious about a coin show or maybe you want to learn about an old coin or piece of currency you received or found, you are welcome at the coin show too.

If you are considering selling coins, currency or precious metals (for example, bullion silver, gold and platinum), you can bring them to the coin show for valuation. The experienced coin dealers can examine and provide free verbal appraisals during the coin show. 

Based on their offers in the current market, you can choose to sell or to keep your valuables. 

More details can be found on our Location and Directions and our FAQ pages.

Coin Shows Hotel the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center as the sun is setting

You can find the schedule for the 2015 Greater Atlanta Coin Show dates on our Show Dates page. You will also find the 2015 show flyer and a full year 2015 calendar that can easily be printed for reference.

The Greater Atlanta Coin Show began in 1988. Given the volatility in the metals recently, it's interesting to review the fluctuations of gold and silver throughout all of the coin show years, from 1988 through year-to-date.

Take a look at our silver charts to see how silver began at just over $6, dropped into the $3.50s and now bounces in the low to mid $10s.

Similarly, our gold charts show the yellow metal's prices began right at $441, dropped into the $250s and is now bouncing in the low $1000s per troy ounce.

Gold Coin images decorate these GACS Numismatic Shoppe items

The silver and gold charts are updated with values up to the Friday before the most recent coin show. New charts will be posted after the next monthly coin show.

For informational fun, this Kitco chart shows the metals' values when the New York Market closed on the last trading day before the recent coin show.

All metals New York Closing Values on the Friday before the coin show

Remember to check the Location & Directions and Show Dates pages for more details about the coin show's location (with pictures), the directions and the monthly show dates.

The Coin Dealers page lists the frequent coin dealers you can find at the monthly coin show as well.

In the meantime, visit our Show Notes page to access the highlights from the previous years' monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Shows—back through 2008. 

Check out the FAQ page for answers to some commonly heard questions. And, take a tour through the rest of our site to find other information about coins and collectibles.

We're in the process of adding commemorative coins to the web site and focusing first on the classic commemorative coins. Visit the date page, the denomination page or the design elements page to find the link to a particular classic commemorative coin.

Each classic commemorative coin includes information about the legislation approving the coin, characteristics (size, weight, metal, value range, etc.), obverse picture and description, reverse picture and description plus additional commentary about the coin, the history behind the coin and fun facts.

Look through our American Legacy Collection Sets, Coin and Currency SetsUS Mint Sets, Proof SetsPrestige Sets and Young Collectors Coin Sets pages for information about the coin sets, the time frames and the special collectible coins.

Our web pages include pictures and commentary not only about the collectible coins but also about related historical events. 

Come early to the coin show to visit your favorite dealers! The coin show opens at 9:00am for people visiting the show. The bourse hours are 9am - 5pm. However, late comers will find that several coin dealers choose to leave before 5.

Whether you are an occasional coin collector, a coin club member, an investor, a numismatic hobbyist or a guest of one, you are welcome to attend the show, and admission is free.

The coin show also welcomes those who know nothing about coin collecting but want to learn.

The coin show hosts 35+ tables each month for coin dealers with varied interests. You can find collectible and investment coins, currency and bullion - gold, silver or platinum - along with jewelry and collecting supplies. The coin show offers you several coin dealers and coin shops all in one place!

Some of you may want to sell your collection. Or, maybe you received gifts of collectible coins over the years and now want cash instead. The coin show provides you with a variety of coin dealers willing to buy your collectibles.

Also, if you no longer want or need your bullion (gold, silver or platinum), you will find several dealers at the show who are willing to buy it based on current market prices of the precious metals.

The coin show with its many coin dealers provides you the ability to compare the dealers' offers all at one place whether you are buying or selling coins, currency and bullion.

Located in Atlanta, the coin show is an easy drive for friends and nearby neighbors from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Of course, if you hail from another state, territory or country and are in the area, stop by, you are certainly welcome, too!

REMINDER: No Sales Tax on coins or bullion in Georgia.

See our recent update on the Georgia Sales tax issue on coins and bullion on our atlcoin commentary weblog.

Coin Show Tip: Many coin dealers work with CASH ONLY, not credit cards, not debit cards, not checks.  

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