New Coin Challenge for January 2012

It’s almost January and time for a new coin challenge prior to the next coin show.

Remember, the objective is to identify the coin and whether the image is on the obverse or reverse. Also, what is the year or span of years for the coin, and what type of metal – silver, gold, cupro-nickel, platinum or bi-metallic?

Take a look at the picture:

Coin Challenge for January 2012


Now, for a few hints – not many, we don’t want to give it away!

  1. Whaling made the area prosperous
  2. Kerosene generated an economic downturn
  3. The area profited from vice with a large red light district and many bars

Let’s stop there.

We may add more hints to the blog before the January 15 coin show.

During the week after the show, both the challenge and the answer will be posted on the Coin Challenge section of the web site.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “New Coin Challenge for January 2012”

  1. I noticed that you have moved the coin show 4386 Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd in Atlanta to Pwder Spring St. Marietta,Ga. If you move it back to this side of town, please contact me. I live in Duluth, Ga. I use to go to the one out my way several times a year.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    We’re glad you visited the coin show at Chamblee-Dunwoody, and we miss seeing you at our new location.

    We enjoyed the location at Chamblee-Dunwoody and I-285 for a couple of years. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond our control forced us to move the coin show.

    But, the new location is beautiful, and the hotel’s people have been great working with us. Plus, the new location provides more space for the coin show.

    The 500 Powder Springs Street address is roughly 17 miles from the Chamblee-Dunwoody site.

    We invite you to come see the new location and visit with the various dealers on the bourse.

    Also, after each coin show, you can view the summaries of that month’s coin show on our Show Notes pages.

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