New Coin Challenge for December 2011

It’s time to introduce another coin challenge before the next monthly coin show.

Take a look at this picture to see if you recognize the coin:

Coin Challenge - Compass for the December 2011 monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Show


First, do you recognize the image?

Let’s look at some hints:

  1. One purpose of the device represented by the image is to make circles
  2. The coin was one of many different coins produced in this year
  3. All of the coins for this year – except one – were approved by the 74th Congress

Those are enough hints to keep you going for awhile.

We don’t want to make it too easy!

Remember, the objective is to determine the coin and whether this image is on the obverse or reverse. Also, what is the denomination, the metal content and the year(s) of the coin.

Have fun!



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