Not Coins Today

Today, many web sites are protesting the SOPA/PIPA legislation being discussed in the House and the Senate, respectively.

At the behest of the entertainment industry, Congress attempts to stop piracy of their property with this legislation. Unfortunately, as is the case many times in Congress, their good intentions rapidly go astray and adversely impact legitimate businesses.

One major web site, Wikipedia – the sixth largest, has gone dark for their English version. But, on their “dark” page, they provide the tools to identify the contact information for your specific representative and state senators such that you can submit your own protest.

The following was sent to my representative and the two Georgia senators:

Laws exist already to protect the entertainment industry’s intellectual property. The proposed SOPA and PIPA regulations pave the way for infringement of our basic freedoms including freedom of information that is not violating any laws.

Oppose censorship of the internet. Force big business to use the laws already in place to protect their interests.

Thank you.

Please take a few minutes to submit your own protests to your respective politicians.

Otherwise, the internet of the future may be a vastly different experience with freedoms curtailed.