First Coin Show of the 2012 New Year

We had a great first show of the new year on Sunday. If you were there, we’re glad you visited the coin show. If you missed this one, you can view the updates including the summary notes on the web site.

We just updated the coin show’s main web site with the next coin show’s information on the main page and on the Show Dates page.

We also added the coin challenge first introduced on the blog at the end of December. The Coin Challenge – Trident shows the picture of the coin challenge and the hints along with a link to the answer. (Did you figure it out? Several folks on the Coin Community Forum knew the coin rather quickly.)

Based on some new questions at the coin show, we’ve added to the FAQ page to help people understand the coin show.

Last, and perhaps most important, we added a summary of the coin show on the January 2012 Show Notes page. Take a look at the notes for some of the coins and collectibles the coin dealers brought and the people wanted to find at the recent coin show.

This past weekend’s Sunday coin show started the Greater Atlanta Coin Show’s 25th year of monthly coin shows.

Based on a full complement of coin dealers and a bourse busy with lots of people visiting, 2012 will be a great year for the coin show.