Proof Set and Mint Set Tips

Did Uncle John or Aunt Susie give you proof sets or mint sets for your birthday or Christmas presents? Or, did Granddad or Grandmom give you coin sets? Maybe you’re not a true coin collector, but you want to keep the sets for a future rainy day.

Well, proof and mint set coins are important to the coin collector and numismatist. So is their packaging. Here are simple tips to help you maximize your sets’ value.

  — Keep the original packaging – all of it

  — Be careful in handling the sets to prevent tears in the envelopes or boxes

  — Do not write on the boxes or envelopes

  — Do not open the internal, sealed packaging

  — Do not put stickers on the packaging 

  — Store them in a moderate temperature, neither too hot nor too cold

  — Keep them dry

If you are giving proof sets and mint sets as a gift and they are not currently a collector, remind them of these tips to help them keep their sets in good condition.