Bullion Precious Metals Price Review Week Ending Friday 12-9-2011

Bullion goes up, bullion goes down. This week, the metals’ markets performed somewhat consistently as far as ups and downs go, however, their amounts did not. One of the metals encountered a new low point, and another found a new high point when looking at the rolling 30-day period.

Let’s look at the charts.

First, there’s gold:

Bullion Gold Precious Metals Prices for 30 Days Ending 12-9-2011

Next is silver:

Bullion Silver Precious Metals Prices for 30 Days Ending 12-9-2011

Third is platinum:

Bullion Platinum Precious Metals Prices for 30 Days Ending 12-9-2011 

Last is palladium:

Bullion Palladium Precious Metals Prices for 30 Days Ending 12-9-2011 

Just look across those four graphics. The metals certainly followed their own individual paths for the last 30 days!

As for the past week, the four metals almost followed the same daily ups and downs.

On Monday, the metals, all of them, fell from the previous Friday’s close. On Tuesday, they all headed upward, though by varying degrees and amounts. On Wednesday, three of the metals continued climbing upward. Silver was the odd metal out and the only one with a decrease at Wednesday’s close. On Thursday, all of the metals headed downward, and to end the week, all four started upward again.

But, in comparison, the metals certainly performed differently in their increases and decreases – both in their amounts and in their percentages.

Let’s look at numbers. First, let’s review the 30-day performance list of high and low values:

  30 day high 30 day low Dec 9 Last Difference between
High and Low
Gold $1,788.50 $1,676.00 $1,711.30 6.3%
Silver $34.66 $30.90 $32.23 10.8%
Platinum $1,651.00 $1,491.00 $1,513.00 9.7%
Palladium $684.00 $563.00 $684.00 17.7%


One metal, palladium, reached a new, recent high point this week. The 30-day high values for the other three metals decreased slightly as their previous highs fell off the rolling time period.

Not quite similarly, one metal, platinum, dropped to a new, recent low point during the week, while the other three held constant with their low values.

With their lesser values, silver and palladium continue to have the largest percentage differences between their high and low points over the 30-day period. With hindsight at 20/20, there were certainly opportunities for capital gains with those metals!

Now, how did the metals fare week-over-week?

  Dec 2 Last Dec 9 Last Percent Change Dollar
Gold $1,745.30 $1,711.30 -1.9% -$34.00
Silver $32.64 $32.23 -1.3% -$0.41
Platinum $1,543.00 $1,513.00 -1.9% -$30.00
Palladium $642.00 $684.00 6.5% $42.00


Interesting. Palladium clearly won the week’s performance race by being the only metal to have a positive week-over-week finish.

For further insights, let’s take a look at the New York closing values for each day of the week:

  mon tues wed thu fri
gold $1,723.20 $1,729.40 $1,743.10 $1,705.80 $1,711.30
platinum $1,516.00 $1,522.00 $1,523.00 $1,493.00 $1,513.00
silver $32.08 $32.76 $32.51 $31.66 $32.23
palladium $632.00 $670.00 $677.00 $671.00 $684.00


Even with all of its sliding, platinum gained a few dollars on gold. Last week ended with platinum behind gold at $202. This week, platinum trails gold at $198. Conversely, just a year ago, platinum lead gold by $293.


The year winds down with just a handful of weeks left. The economy still has issues domestically and abroad. And, people predict the metals will respond – some say up, others say down.

Of course throughout the year, we’ve had various pundits predict the metals would crash or they would blow out to extreme new highs.

Others tackled their predictions on a shorter time frame and kept relatively safe with their expectations for the markets.

The metals neither crashed hard nor blew out their upper bounds. But, the metals did perform well and allow a lot of people to make money as they went up and went down over the past year.

For yourself, perform your own research and decide what course of action is best for your own bullion investments.