Another Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day is next Monday, May 31. Let’s remember all of the military personnel who fought for our freedom and our way of life – those in wars many years ago and those who continue to give their service around the world today.

Let’s look at the 230th Anniversary Marine Marine Corps Commemorative Silver Dollar. Here’s the obverse showing Norman E. Nemeth’s (sculptor/engraver) design from the picture of the historic raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima.

230th Anniversary Marine Marine Corps Commemorative Silver Dollar - obverse


They are tired and homesick, yet they continue the fight as they struggle to raise Old Glory on distant lands. Look at the design, and with your imagination, feel the flagpole in your hands. Feel how the wind blowing the flag makes it difficult to lift up the symbol of our country. But, raising the flag on Iwo Jima was as much for the morale of their fellow comrades as it was to send a message to the enemy.

That one view shows a wealth of struggle and triumph of the brave soldiers as they raise the stars and stripes.

The reverse of the 230th Anniversary Marine Corps Commemorative Silver Dollar includes the Marine Corps emblem designed by sculptor/engraver Charles L. Vickers.

230th Anniversary Marine Marine Corps Commemorative Silver Dollar - reverse


Regrettably, many people today forget that “freedom is not free.” Thankfully, there are also many people who not only understand, but they also are willing to serve to insure our freedom.

This coin highlights and commemorates the Marines. Let’s give thanks not only for our Marines, but also for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard – active duty and reservists.

Thank you – many thank yous – to all of our military – past and present.